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Archive for June 13th, 2021

SP Silicon Power Introduces High Capacity Power Banks with Anti-Slip Rubber Design – Power S102 and Power S82

SP Silicon Power Introduces High Capacity Power Banks with Anti-Slip Rubber Design – Power S102 and Power S82 Taipei, Taiwan – June 25th, 2015 – Catering to the increasing demands for fast and safe charging for mobile devices, SP/ Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions, today announces the launch of its brand new power banks – Power S102 and Power S82, with high capacity of 12000mAh and 8000mAh respectively. In addition to high quality Li-Polymer battery cells, S102 and S82 feature textured rubber back cover that prevents slipping and scratching your devices, and makes it easy to hold. Moreover, users can enjoy a real worry-free mobile life with the S102 and S82 safety protections compliant with highest international standards. Unique Design of Anti-Slip Rubber Cover, Easy and Faster Charging SP puts great efforts into product design to make Power S102 and Power S82 more user-friendly and modish. The Silicon Power professional team expresses, “The front side of S102 and S82 mimics a smartphone’s back cover, allowing an easier and more comfortable touch of holding. The special-textured rubber back cover provides slip resistant and scratch-resistant functions, and makes it a good heat insulator. So users can put their device on the power bank stably and safely.” Power S102 and Power S82 are available in two charming designs – one is a vivid combination of black and red and the other shows elegance with white and grey. Wi...

Tesoro Announces The Thyrsus Optical MMO and MOBA Mouse With 6 Thumb Buttons

Tesoro Announces The Thyrsus Optical MMO and MOBA Mouse With 6 Thumb Buttons Keep a hand on the mouse at all times June 25, 2015, Milpitas CA, USA – Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming peripherals, announces the Thyrsus optical gaming mouse. Named after the staff of Dionysus, the Thyrsus features comfortable, ergonomic design, a high-precision optical sensor, and 6 fully programmable thumb buttons for MMO and MOBA games. 6 Programmable Thumb Buttons for Macro Control Instead of the ordinary 1 or 2 thumb buttons, the Tesoro Thyrsus has 6 buttons positioned for thumb control, making a total of 10 fully independent and programmable buttons. The 64Kb of onboard memory allows users to configure up to 5 gaming profiles, 35 macro keys and 1600 recordable actions. The Tesoro Thyrsus is easy to control in the new, specifically designed software. Gamers can adjust the DPI, polling rate up to 1000Hz, and the multicolor LED illumination as well as program the 6 thumb buttons. Comfortable and Confident Control Omron switch technology gives the Thyrsus added durability, tactile feedback and satisfying clicks. The ergonomic design and rubberized coating on both sides give maximum comfort and grip. Gamers can pick from 6 levels of sensitivity adjustable up to 8200dpi. Accuracy is assured with 150 ips (inches per second) motion detection and 30g acceleration. A braided, 2 meter gold-plated USB cable lends added durability and prevents fraying. New Tesoro User I...

AMD performance powers Samsung thin clients

AMD Embedded G-Series SoC Powers New Line of Samsung All-In-One Thin Client Solutions.   AMD recently announced that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. selected the AMD Embedded G-Series SoC (system on chip) for a new line of all-in-one cloud monitors featuring integrated thin client technology. The Samsung 21.5-inch TC222W and 23.6-inch TC242W are powered by AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs that couple high-performance compute and graphics capability in a highly integrated, low power design. The AMD SoC improves data transfer rates and saves space on the motherboard, which makes it a perfect fit for the compact form factors required by thin clients. Planned availability starting in Q3 2015, the Windows®-supported Samsung cloud monitors will provide customers with expanded choice, capability and configuration flexibility. Complete with Samsung’s professional-grade display panel, the cloud monitors will create a superior user experience through easy connectivity and high-quality reliability. As a superior option for effective desktop virtualization, Samsung’s thin-client monitors will also enable improved productivity and optimized end-to-end performance.   ◢ Get more details

No Stock Cooler with Skylake? No Problem!

INTEL is deciding that their K-Series of Skylake chips will be shipping without any kind of cooling solution. I’m sure there are going to be some complaints because regardless, somebody will open the box and be upset that the stock cooler isn’t there. Overall, this is a good move and gives further nods to the idea that Skylake is being designed for overclockers. Currently, the two primary SKUs with unlocked multipliers launching are the Core i7 6700K and the Core i5 6600K. Both are rated at 95W TDP with the 6700 having 4 more threads and 2MB more Cache than the 6600K. With the low power rating, it’s possible that these chips will have quite a bit of overhead for enthusiasts to take advantage of. Considering that stock coolers are barely sufficient at factory clocks to begin with, INTEL is making it very clear that these are truly enthusiast level parts and that we have no right to expect insufficient cooling solutions just to get by. Honestly, this sounds like a good move on INTEL’s part. The only question that remains is if this will reflect in pricing. My best guess is it probably won’t, but it would be nice to see the i7 and i5 flagships release at an even $300 and $200 respectively. I’m not holding my breath and most enthusiasts plan on spending extra for good cooling anyways. On the other hand, with the new PCIe 3.0 lanes coming to the Z170 chipset, there could be some pretty intriguing performance increases once Skylake releases. ...

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