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Archive for June 13th, 2021

12K, 60 FPS, Just How Many GPUs?

UPDATE: Another demo came out showing Sniper Elite III being played at 12k resolution with a single Fury X card. It wasn’t a constant 60 FPS, but was hitting the mark plenty of times to be impressive none-the-less. Here’s a quick link to the full story. http://wccftech.com/amd-r9-fury-x-playing-sniper-elite-iii-at-12k-resolution-and-60-fps/ Are you ready for it? Wanna take a guess? So you might have known that back in 2013, AMD was able to do a similar thing with a triple R9 290X setup to showcase 12K surround with Dirt 3. This week, AMD did the same thing with three 4K monitors, except this time the title was Dirt Rally, released April of this year, and the GPU setup was a SINGLE R9 FURY X! In case you weren’t overwhelmed enough already, that’s 1.5 billion pixels a second being handled by a single graphics card! Here’s the deal; while Dirt games in general seem to work well with AMD due to optimization, I couldn’t find anything that shows Mantle or DirectX 12 being used. Basically, this is a straight up copy of Dirt Rally running at 12K resolution @ 60 FPS. That’s an incredible feat for just about any set up to handle, let alone a single R9 Fury X. This just goes to show that the 4096 bit wide bus interface plays a huge part in how well the GPU can handle super resolutions. The thing I can’t wait to find out is how well the new Windows 10 API will influence gaming performance. Imagine Deus Ex: Mankind Divided running on a...

INTEL Skylake De-lidded, Bad Wolf

It’s time to give ourselves a message through space and time so that we can head over to INTEL and save overclocking (Doctor Who reference for those who have no idea what I’m talking about). Maybe the dilemma isn’t that serious, but if a fuzzy photo is to be believed, then the Skylake processors might be continuing some of the overclocking problems from the past. KitGuru revlealed a shot of a de-lidded Skylake CPU and it looks like INTEL is going to keep using thermal compound instead of soldering. The photo is pretty fuzzy so it’s impossible to verify this claim. The other problem is we’re still a couple months out from the release of Skylake so there could be a couple of possible explanations for this that could be resolved by the time of the official releases. In case you don’t remember, INTEL began using thermal paste with both the i7-3770K and i7-4770K. Of course, overclockers justifiably pointed out that the thermal paste would not be as effective at heat transfer as a soldered lid. The thermal paste was slightly improved with the i7-4790K, but Skylake has already been provisioned to be a good overclocking CPU. Enthusiast hoped that at least the high-end chips would be soldered to the lid again in order to have the best thermal transfer, which would help unlock the highest overclocks. Take this all with a grain of salt for right now but at the moment, this doesn’t look very promising. Overall, this isn’t going to be...

AMD’s Technology Decks: FreeSync

We’re finally coming to the last of the Tech Decks from AMD. FreeSync is very straight forward. It matches the frame rate of your graphics card to the refresh rate of your monitor so that gaming experiences are incredibly smooth. Based on reviews across the web, FreeSync seems to work incredibly well and AMD included a list of monitors that will include the technology. Enjoy the slides and start planning next year’s tax return early since a FreeSync monitor could very well be on the list.

AMD’s Technology Decks: Interposer

The Interposer is what makes HBM possible. Basically, it allows the GPU and memory to communicate with each other. What makes this Interposer special is that it was specifically designed by AMD with high-volume bandwidth in mind to accommodate the stacked DRAM. Honestly, it’s the HBM that deserves most of the attention, but if you’re interested in how the Interposer is made, check out the slides below.

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