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12K, 60 FPS, Just How Many GPUs?

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Posted June 19, 2015 by Josh Jackson in News

UPDATE: Another demo came out showing Sniper Elite III being played at 12k resolution with a single Fury X card. It wasn’t a constant 60 FPS, but was hitting the mark plenty of times to be impressive none-the-less. Here’s a quick link to the full story.


Are you ready for it? Wanna take a guess? So you might have known that back in 2013, AMD was able to do a similar thing with a triple R9 290X setup to showcase 12K surround with Dirt 3. This week, AMD did the same thing with three 4K monitors, except this time the title was Dirt Rally, released April of this year, and the GPU setup was a SINGLE R9 FURY X! In case you weren’t overwhelmed enough already, that’s 1.5 billion pixels a second being handled by a single graphics card!

Here’s the deal; while Dirt games in general seem to work well with AMD due to optimization, I couldn’t find anything that shows Mantle or DirectX 12 being used. Basically, this is a straight up copy of Dirt Rally running at 12K resolution @ 60 FPS. That’s an incredible feat for just about any set up to handle, let alone a single R9 Fury X. This just goes to show that the 4096 bit wide bus interface plays a huge part in how well the GPU can handle super resolutions. The thing I can’t wait to find out is how well the new Windows 10 API will influence gaming performance. Imagine Deus Ex: Mankind Divided running on a 12K setup without any lag or stuttering? Either way, the more HBM gets adopted into graphics, the better the gaming experience is going to be for everyone.maxresdefault

Lisa Su claimed that the R9 Fury X is the most powerful GPU in the world. I’ll admit that while I’ve been fairly impressed to this point, I wondered how close the Titan X performance was going to be and if the Fury would be able to pull the lead. I did a quick look for a 12K resolution demo for the Titan X and what I did find was someone playing around with GTA V at 8K, normal settings, and managing about 45 FPS. If those figures are any true indication, then what AMD has been saying isn’t just true, but beyond belief. Unfortunately, without knowing full system specs or seeing if something else could have been causing a bottleneck, no solid conclusion can be made. Check out the links below though, and see what you can make of the results.


(Warning: Video contains violence and language)

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