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Club 3D : SenseVision Designed for Surface

Amsterdam, April 24th 2015. Club 3D is proud to announce that its family of SenseVision MST Hubs has now been certified by Microsoft under their ‘Designed for Surface’ program. The Club 3D Multi Stream Transport Hubs CSV-5200, CSV-5300A and the unique Y-cabled Docking Station with MST Support CSV-3203 are now allowed to carry the Microsoft Designed for Surface logo. This certification is an important next step in Club 3D’s effort to increase awareness and recognition by users of the increasingly popular Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and 3 platforms. They are the first tablets really capable of replacing a traditional notebook. Club 3D SenseVision products see a sharp rise in demand as sales of Microsoft Surface continue to grow rapidly, mainly in the B2B market where users want full Desktop PC functionality from their mobile devices. Club 3D will continue to expand the range of SenseVision products which aim to offer the desired connectivity and enable use of your favorite USB peripherals and multiple external monitors to the Surface Pro tablets. The Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1-2 CSV-5200 enables you to connect two external displays with up to 2560 x 1440 resolution at 60Hz to your Surface Pro 2 or 3 tablet. The Surface Display will still work with two external displays attached to the CSV-5200. To use your Surface tablet with the MST-Hub a Mini-DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ adapter is required. The MST-Hub CSV-5200 draws its power from the USB ca...

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