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Archive for November 28th, 2020

AMD Owning Intel with Windows 10

Intel has long owned the market when it comes to CPU performance for sometime now. With multi-threaded support, AMD could hold in there, but once the benchmarks switched to single-threaded performance, INTEL wins by a huge margin. Many people believe that while AMD has the hardware, they just didn’t have the driver or software support to take advantage of it. But that’s all starting to change the closer we get to the release of Windows 10. Right now, the highest performance INTEL CPU in single-threaded testing is the i7 4790k. On CPU Benchmark, it averages about a 2500 score in single thread performance. The test that was done on the FX-8370 put it almost an entire 20% higher with a score of 2956! And that’s just the 8370. Unfortunately, the benchmarks haven’t surfaced for the FX-9590 yet. That leap is insane, and while I’m slightly confused at how Windows 10 managed to pull that off, it looks like things are gonna get extremely competitive. AMD even saw some multi-threaded performance boost but the increase wasn’t nearly as huge as the single-thread performance. While AMD fans will see this as a huge victory, hardware enthusiasts everywhere should be excited as well. This will definitely force INTEL to get on the ball with innovation as well as prodding them into some new pricing structures. Either way, consumers win. DirectX 12 may have been getting all the attention, but it looks like Microsoft is doing huge things for the industry a...

XSPC X20 420 Single Bayres/Pump Combo Review

With advances in pump, radiator, reservoir and fitting designs things have gotten to the point where almost anyone can create and install a custom cooling solution specific to their system. The cooling potential for one of these open loop (customizable) setups is unrivaled by anything else sold on the market

Tesoro Sponsoring Hearthstone Tournament at UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival: Insomnia 54

Tesoro Sponsoring Hearthstone Tournament at UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival: Insomnia 54 Play the Latest Games in VR and Win Prizes at the Charity Raffle April 1, 2015, Milpitas CA, USA – Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today announces that it will be the headline sponsor of the Hearthstone tournament at Insomnia 54, April 3 – 6, and attendees will be able to win PC gear and play the latest games in VR as well as enter for a chance to win a car at its booth. Enter a Draw for a Chance to Win a Car Visitors to the Tesoro booth will be able to enter a prize draw to win a car. The winner will be selected at Insomnia 55 in August. Headline Sponsor of the HearthStone Tournament Tesoro will be the headline sponsor of HearthStone tournament. With up to 128 possible entrants competing for up to £3,000, this strategy card game tournament will be one to watch. Game in VR with Tesoro Several gaming stations featuring the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will be set up at the Tesoro booth for visitors to play the latest PC games. Tesoro invites all to feel the difference in the gaming experience when you game with Tesoro. Charity Raffle in Collaboration with Gigabyte Tesoro. Gigabyte UK Motherboard, and Gigabyte BRIX have teamed up at Insomnia 54 to raffle over £2000 in prizes, including Tesoro mechanical keyboards, Gigabyte motherboards and the BRIX mini-PC. All proceeds will go to charity. Full Tesoro on Display The full Tesoro lin...

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