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Vardar vs. Gentle Typhoon. Is it a copy? Absolutely not!

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Posted March 18, 2015 by RyanR in Cooling

True story of Vardar

ek-vardar_news590pxOver the last few weeks there was a lot of wind around (and through) our new Vardar fans. There were many comments made that Vardar series are just a copy of the Gentle Typhoon fans. Do they look similar? Maybe. Are they a copy? Absolutely not!

We had a dream, for years, to design our own fans from the ground up optimized for liquid cooling without any compromises in performance and noise levels. Vardar fans are a result of a long and rigorous in-house development process. Members of our team had a background in industrial fan design with over 10 years of experience and that needed to be utilized.


Unlike chassis fans which are built to provide high air flow, a good radiator cooling fan must generate high static pressure as well while generating least amount of audible noise. This is also the reason why Vardar ended up with the square shape – it ensures optimal performance in either pull- (suction) or push (pressure) regime without hydraulic losses. The fan itself is powered by a high quality industrial motor with double ball bearing which has actively cooled motor windings to allow better air flow and long lasting performance.

We felt the need to upgrade the fan with dominantly popular PWM functionality, which stands for pulse width modulation, where the pulse is turning DC voltage on and off very fast. This allows active regulation of speed from your motherboard and better power efficiency.

Gentle Typhoon was the market benchmark that we set to beat. To avoid testing multiple physical prototypes, we used a set of complex mathematical models to design and simulate fan performance. Selected design was transformed info 3D printed prototype that went through an anechoic chamber testing (pictured below). Results confirmed that we have surpassed all available fans on the market. After a year of development we were ready to offer it to all liquid cooling enthusiasts.


Vardar fans are currently available in five different models to address a variety of market demands. Everybody should be able to find the right fit for his or hers cooling needs. This only the beginning for EK fan portfolio, 140 mm versions are in the works and additional models are still in the pipeline. To follow our progress check us out on Twitter @EKWaterBlocks 

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