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Best of 2014

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Posted January 8, 2015 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Intro and Honorable Mentions

With 2014 having come and gone, I’m sure all of us are greatly looking forward to amazing hardware coming in 2015. But one thing we get to see a lot of is the “Best of” everything that happened in 2014. So even though 2015 is looking very promising, we thought it would be great to look back through the year and do our very own “Best of 2014.” We decided on 5 news pieces, and 10 reviews that were considered to be the cream of the crop. Are you ready for the picks?

Before we go into our official list, something always gets left out that just couldn’t be squeezed in with the leaders of the pack. Due to the overwhelming guilt we felt on a couple of really good articles that we just didn’t want to leave out, we decided to have some Honorable Mentions. Our first one comes from the news category, The Hardware Hound Presents: Windows 10, a Gamer’s Perspective.

Honorable News



Windows 10 made a big wave that increased the more that details about the upcoming OS were released. Windows 8 had become a pretty big disappointment and 10 was poised to fix many of those problems. Then Microsoft released the tech preview. The Hardware Hound took it upon himself to give Windows 10 a full blown try, and the results were surprisingly satisfying. Windows 10 made a good first impression and as such, Pure Overclock was able to cover the news with the added bonus of a preview article that couldn’t be forgotten with the close of the year.

The last honorable mention goes to a review. With so many good reviews, it became hard to leave certain ones out, but only certain pieces of hardware envisioned the concept behind the title of our site, Pure Overclock. With that in mind the honorable mention for review goes to the BitFenix Prodigy M.

Honorable Review



Not every gaming rig has to be in a monster full tower case. In fact, there are plenty of micro-ATX motherboards that can handle some hefty overclocks and it’s nice to have a small form factor case that still gives you a plethora of cooling options. That’s exactly what the Prodigy M did. This small case came with features like full size GPUs, nice radiator and reservoir support, as well as plenty of other options. It’s rare to find a review where we say that there was nothing to dislike about the product. With the honorable mentions out of the way, let’s look at our top news picks of 2014


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