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PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014 Week 3

Posted December 21, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in News

Welcome to PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014!

Week 3


Drawing on 12-27-14

 Please Read Terms and Conditions below before entering.

Those that participated in Week 2 were showered with 21 prizes from our great sponsors Primochill, Enermax\Lepa, ThermalTake, VisionTek, Bitfenix an Sapphire Technologies. We all thank you for supporting PureOC and the community!

Now on to Week 3. Should we go even bigger? DUH!! Of course we should! We want as many members as possible to take something home to rub in their friends faces for not being a part of PureOC. You tried to tell them, but they wouldn’t listen. This week we are bringing back more goodies from DeepCool, Primochill, and Gamdias. We also will have some spectacular prizes from NZXT, XSPC, Antec and Phanteks. We will be crowning 28, yes we said 28 winners in week 3!

A couple of important announcements before you enter. Hope you’re reading this! 1. Be sure to actually read the rules. Many of you are missing the posting on the thread section. Don’t follow, Don’t win. Simple. 2. There will be an mega size announcement coming later this week in our first PureOverclock Newsletter. We are super excited to finally get this off the ground so what better way to let all of our followers in on what we have in store for you. Trust me you will want to read it. So make sure you register for our Newsletter when you enter for Week 3!

Christmas is this week, so we want every to be safe if traveling. No Drinking and Driving, you are not alone on the roads! No Texting and Driving. If they care for you, a reply can wait a moment! We want all of you to come back to PureOC in one piece! So we can move on to New Years Festivities!


Happy Holidays and Good Luck to you all!

PureOverlcock’s Winter Giveaway! Week 3

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