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Wi-Fi Video Home Monitoring Camera – SpotCam

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Posted December 31, 2014 by RyanR in Networking

Wi-Fi Video Home Monitoring Camera – SpotCam – Announces New Professional Grade Motion Detection Capability

New Motion Masking Feature Reduces False Alarms

December 30, 2014, Taipei Taiwan – SpotCam, the cloud home monitoring service startup, announces a new Motion Masking feature for its SpotCam Wi-Fi home monitoring camera. Found in professional security camera systems, SpotCam’s new motion masking feature, attained by updating to the latest firmware, allows users to configure the camera to only monitor motions for a specified area. VideoChamp is a leader in Cloud based video technology for the professional and amateur sports industries worldwide. Our line of Cloud based solutions is revolutionizing the way that sports video footage is managed, edited and shared online. VideoChamp was born from the idea that sending, managing, and editing sports footage online should be easy, impactful and cost-effective. We aim to provide tools to let every team and athlete put his/her best foot forward. Hi Rise endzone camera system brings you a first-in-class solution for capturing high-angle and aerial video footage.

Reduce False Alarms

Users can now tell the commercial security company offers 24 hours of cloud based security video storage for free, to ignore different areas of the camera’s view, such as a window, ensuring they only receive notifications that matter via email or the mobile app. Motion detection alerts are only triggered if there are motions in the unmasked part of the camera view.

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“The Motion Masking feature is useful when you are monitoring your home or office and you do not want to receive a notification every time a bird flies by the window,” says Jacky Lin, CEO of SpotCam. “By adding this advanced feature, https://www.securityinfo.com/ are further proving their commitment to provide professional-level security camera features for an entry-level price.”


Simple to Setup, Simple to Use

With an incredibly easy setup, SpotCam makes it easy to check up on loved ones from anywhere. A cloud based approach combined with iOS and Android apps means it’s easy to see what’s going on at home from a computer or smartphone.

Strong Surveillance / Night Vision Camera

While it can function in a variety of ways, SpotCam excels at home surveillance and monitoring with superior night vision camera performance, motion detection with instant notification, and free 24 hour video playback right out of the box. With these functions SpotCam is a perfect video baby monitor or wireless home security camera.

Price and Availability

SpotCam is currently available on Newegg and Amazon for the suggested retail price of $149.99.

Recording plans

  • 24 hour recording – Free
  • 3-day recording – $3.95/month or $39/year
  • 7-day recording – $5.95/month or $59/year
  • 30 day recording – $19.95/month or $199/year

More information about SpotCam can be found here:


About SpotCam

Selected by Taiwan’s Angel Investment program as one of the hottest new startups, SpotCam, founded in 2013, is composed of a team of entrepreneurial individuals with years of experience in the CCTV industry. Drawing on expertise from developing Wi-Fi DVR and NVR surveillance solutions, the team has created SpotCam, a cloud based system that combines the safety and security of the CCTV industry with the accessibility of the mobile market. Find out more about SpotCam here: https://www.myspotcam.com.

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