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PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014 Grand Prize Week!

Posted December 27, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in Other


Welcome to PureOverclock’s Annual Winter Giveaway for 2014!

Week 4 AKA Grand Prize Week!!


Drawing on 1-3-15

 Please Read Terms and Conditions below before entering.

The last three weeks have been an absolute blast for us at PureOC. Because of our amazing sponsors we were able to crown 64 lucky people as winners during this holiday season, taking home over 100 individual prizes. This is a bar that will be hard to top in the years to come but with a community such as PureOC I think we can do it. However for now, we have sadly reached the fourth and final week of the Winter Giveaway. This is the Grand Prize Week and boy is it Grand!! Never before have we be able to award such an awesome Grand Prize. One lucky soul will finish up the Holiday season with a brand new Gaming rig sponsored by AMD, ThermalTake and Kingston Technology, a collection of high-end parts and assembled by PureOC. We are not leaving everyone else out in the cold to drool over the gaming rig. We will be award three epic runner up prizes as well from our other sponsors Primochill, Phanteks, Kingston and Gigabyte. These prizes will set you on the path of gaming and custom build glory which we expect to witness in a PureOC build log. Make sure you check out the forum post for details.


We want to thank all of our sponsors for making this possible. Without them we would not have been able to bring so many smiles to tech junky faces! We could not have ask for a better group of partners to work with. We all look forward to a new and exciting New Year!
We can not stress enough how important it is that you follow the rules. Up to this point we continue to see incomplete entries because of a missed step. They first step says “READ THIS PAGE!!! MUST COMMENT”. If you want to win you should actually read it and follow every step to the Letter!!

Happy Holidays and Good Luck to you all!

PureOverlcock’s Winter Giveaway! Week 4

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