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Your Chance to Win a New L337 Gaming Z97 Machine board!!!

Posted November 6, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in CPU & Motherboards

It is getting to be that time of year where we all give thanks to those that mean a great deal to us. For PureOC, our sponsors, site visitors and forum members are what we hold dear. They help create an environment for others to learn, be comfortable asking for help, or to just hang out and have fun. For those that make PureOC what it is, we partnered with L337 Gaming to start the season off by giving away a big Thank you. You are the best community we could ask for. Wish everyone the best at winning the L337 Z97 Machine Board!

This is open to almost everyone. Read the Terms and Conditions. A huge thanks goes out to our partners at L337 Gaming! They have always supported PureOC and we are looking forward to starting another year together. Also would like to thank DragonBlogger for helping with getting the word out for this giveaway.

PureOC & ECS Z97 Machine


    Jerry Lafferty

    Thank you very much!


    thks for the giveaway!

    chris trak

    WOW……….If only I were lucky!

    James Thompson

    Almost 12K entries! Awesome.

    Charles Goode

    Happy Thanksgiving Christmas gift for my daughter

      Sandy Bruce

      That would be an awesome gift! Good Luck! Be sure to register and be active on the forums for extra entries and We will have the super mega awesome Winter Giveaway starting very very soon! Good Luck!

    james cochjrane

    I sure need a good board. Good luck all. Thanks Sandy.

    Jerry Lafferty

    Congrats to Gerald S

    Bill Barnes

    Congrats on your Win!

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