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Archive for April 10th, 2021

MSI B85M ECO Board – Review

Those of us in a position to build PCs for businesses and everyday people should consider using a board like we will see today when the opportunity warrants it. The MSI B85M ECO is aimed at trimming power usage down to a minimum level without costing performance as a trade off.

Game on: AOC offers extensive monitor range for ambitious gamers

Game on: AOC offers extensive monitor range for ambitious gamers Amsterdam, 19 November 2014 G2460PG: This monitor with integrated NVIDIA G-SYNC technology synchronises the display’s refresh rates to the graphic card’s GPU. G2460PQU/BR: With a refresh rate of 144 Hz this monitor takes gaming performance to the max — at an affordable price. G2770PQU: A display which adds extra space to the gaming experience and boasts excellent refresh rates as well as speedy response times. G2460FQ: Non-stop action for thrill-seeking gamers at an affordable price. The next level in gaming performance: the G2460PQU/BR and the G2460PG A new level of gaming with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology; the G2460PG With its NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology, the 24″ (61 cm) G2460PG from AOC’s Style Line immerses the player right into the gaming action. The integrated G-SYNC module synchronises the display refresh rates to the graphics card’s GPU so nothing comes between the player and the game. The extremely short response time of just 1 ms effectively eliminates ghosting effects, delivering crisp and clear images even in the most intense in-game situations. Thanks to the outstanding refresh rate of the G2460PG, enemy movement is displayed in ultra-smooth motion and competitors can be easily targeted. Not only do the in-game environments come to life in one super-smooth movement, but also at a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. Thanks to a luminosity of 350 cd/cm² colours are vibrant and bright. In...

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