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Finally, DEEPCOOL takes the AIO Market to the Next Level

Posted September 30, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

All-in-One Liquid CPU Coolers are great for consumers. They offer an overall superior performance to air coolers while costing significantly less money/labor than building custom water cooling loops. That’s why it’s such a shame that the market is saturated with carbon copies. One of the last great introductions to the market was the Cooler Master Glacer 240l, in that it offered a far more powerful pump and allowed the user to expand it by opening up the loop and adding GPUs to the mix. Now, DEEPCOOL has upped the bar even higher by bringing a unit that not only looks amazing, but has a number of superior design features compared to other units on the market. Please welcome the DEEPCOOL Captain 240!

For starters, there is nothing wrong with having a unit that looks like a nuclear reactor. Deepcool Captain Pump 2That’s no exaggeration. The block on the Captain 240 seriously looks like a nuclear reactor and it’s completely awesome! DEEPCOOL went with the standard gamer scheme with the outside pipe and fan blades sporting the red while the rest of the block, hoses and radiator are black. This will immediately fit in nicely with the Asus Republic of Gamers line as well as the MSI Gaming series products. Honestly, there isn’t an AIO in the market that puts this much effort into the aesthetics and the only one that can come close is the Zalman Reserator 3 Max Dual. DEEPCOOL also managed to keep the design small enough so that clearance and case size won’t be any more of an issue than with any other 240mm AIOs.

Deepcool Captain AccessoriesWhile the look of the Captain 240 is great, the design features seem to be just as good as the aesthetics. Let’s start with removable fan blades. I’m not sure why more companies don’t add this to the units. This makes dust maintenance much easier task and is a great feature to have. Secondly, based on the gallery, it looks like DEEPCOOL is including a 4 port fan hub. This is something every 240mm AIO should have and points out once again how serious this product is about raising the bar. The last and greatest thing I saw about this unit however, is the pump performance. It only took a few reviews to realize that the powerful pump on the Glacer 240l is what was really setting that unit apart. While DEEPCOOL doesn’t specify the L/h of the pump, they do mention that it runs at 3400 rpms. Compared to a lot of units that tend to run in the low to mid 2000 range, this could be one of the more powerful pumps in the AIO market. Also, while the design of the block leans towards looking amazing, it serves a functional purpose of separating the pump assembly from the plate which according to DEEPCOOL increases flow. Only reviews will tell, but the Captain 240 could have one of the best performances in its bracket.

Deepcool Captain 240The amazing aesthetics and quality appearance of the Captain 240 has really grabbed my attention. Although I tend to stray away from the red and black scheme for my rigs, this unit would look excellent with a huge side panel window, MSI dragon claw heatsinks surrounding it and a couple extra red LED fans to light up and accent the rest of a build. The best part about this is while it isn’t in stock yet, at the time of writing the unit is already listed for $109.99 on Newegg. As long as the performance is even close to other high end units, that price is a steal for the amount of features this unit brings to the table. But the best part of all is with the holidays and Cyber Monday right around the corner, the timing of this release is ideal for everyone! That is, if you don’t already have certain Maxwell GPUs on your Christmas wish list.

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