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Where are the 360mm AIOs?

Posted July 17, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Now before I begin, I want to clarify that it’s possible to find some new All-in-One units that have the 360mm radiators if I look hard enough. I’m looking for two manufacturers to have their units start popping up with some of the major retailers; particularly Newegg because buying from them is easy for me. So the real question is, “Where is the Cooler Master Glacer 360l and the Fractal Design S36?” I’m hoping to see those for sale at more websites soon, but until then, I want to share what it is that excites me about both of these units.

Cooler Master Glacer 360LThe Cooler Master Glacer 240l already made a huge splash (pun intended) when it released. The powerful pump combined with an all copper/brass radiator put almost every other AIO to shame, but what really set it apart was the fact that you could easily expand it by adding a GPU block and start liquid cooling extra components. The 240l could typically handle a CPU and GPU before considering adding at least an extra radiator. The 360l brings all of the aforementioned features while adding an extra 120mm of radiator to keep things cool. It’s very likely that the 360l could handle a CPU and 2 GPUs in the one loop. The problem is this unit hasn’t gone for sale yet. Cooler Master announced it back in January, but has yet to announce any solid release date. All I have to say to Cooler Master is hurry and get this thing to the consumers! It sounds like an awesome unit that will add even more capacity to the already great 240l.

Fractal Design S36The next unit I was particularly excited about was the Fractal Design S36. At first glance, it seems like another AIO. With Cooler Master bringing expandability to the market, there doesn’t seem like a lot Fractal Design could do. For starters, they did seem to bring quality to the table which is a plus, but not always the best selling point. Once again we see a pump that offers speed control, but the 72l/h rating is about half of what the Glacer can offer. What stands out is the radiator and fill port. The radiator is pure copper. This will pretty much future proof the need to upgrade that radiator even if the buyer decides to go with custom components on everything else. The location of the fill port is interesting as well which looks like it’s seated in the pump/block itself. This could be good or bad, however removing an AIO block is usually pretty easy in comparison to trying to remove the radiator. Of course this will mean redoing thermal paste every time you’re looking to refill the loop, but on the other hand, it’s not likely you’ll have to refill every week either.

So there you have it. Both units look like great additions to the market… once they actually show up! Once again the Glacer 360l hasn’t been released yet and while the S36 seems to be released already, I was having a hard time finding it for sale anywhere States side. Hopefully these companies have plans of holding out until closer to holidays because summer can be a bad time of year to try new merchandise on the consumer market. If not, maybe us enthusiasts can whine at them until something happens.


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