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Exciting Speculation, Awesome Teaser, Huge Disappointment

Posted June 25, 2014 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

A couple weeks ago, I started speculating that something new was going to happen with the AM3+ socket. When I saw the tweet with a picture of an FX series box, my excitement went through the roof because I felt AMD actually was doing something new. When I found out they were relaunching the FX-9590, my excitement plummeted. While a relaunch isn’t a terrible idea, there are two main problems with this that makes it a failure for hardware enthusiasts in my eyes.

The first problem with this relaunch is the choice of cooler. The massive 220w thermal rating is one of the largest in the CPU market, but AMD chose to use a 120mm AIO (presumably one of the Cooler Master Seidons) instead of a more suited 240mm AIO. Don’t get me wrong, the Cooler Master Seidons are decent units, but if AMD wanted to be serious about low temperatures and ANY overclocking possibility at all, the 240mm system would be a bare minimum and I would have preferred to see the Cooler Master Glacer thrown in at a slightly higher price. The other problem on choosing Cooler Master is that while their units have shown good cooling performance, they leave a bit to be desired in the noise department. If this release was designed to excite enthusiasts, most of them will see the noise and heat thresh holds as too much of a gamble to go for this unit.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid about the 120mm AIO, but the second thing that bugged me the most was the teaser. I want to say something to EVERY company out there releasing new hardware. “Stop teasing stuff that isn’t as exciting as the tease!!!” With AMD fans waiting to see a responce to Intel, it should have been common sense to the company that the teaser was going to build unrealistic hype. Do we know AMD has said that they won’t release their next high end chip until 2016? Sure we do! That doesn’t mean we don’t hope AMD does something between now and then to help us hardware hungry geeks get through the lull. A relaunch isn’t a terrible idea, but don’t tease it like it’s some great thing only to reveal that it’s some piece of old architecture – that’s right, the 9590 is old news now.

Intel is about to release their most affordable 6 core chip ever. The cost will be around $400 dollars, which means that for just a little extra savings, a hardware enthusiasts can buy a CPU that will outperform the daylights out of the 9590 for most everyday uses. The final nail in the coffin, even if it’s uncertain for the moment, would be if some manufacturers like MSI make some affordable x99 boards for that 6 core chip. Who wouldn’t wait to purchase an Intel system? I hate to say this but AMD, this is not the time to tease relaunches. You either need to tease something new, or simply relaunch strong and straightforward. As someone who has become increasingly an AMD fan, this actually hurt my enthusiasm a decent amount towards what I’m expecting down the road.

AMD FX CPUs Plus a New 990FX Board Equals Exciting Speculation


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