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Big Release from Be Quiet! at Computex

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Posted June 4, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Computex is finishing up and the hardware news is getting exciting. Be Quite!, a company renowned for their PSU and CPU Cooler quality, brought some pretty cool releases that are not only an improvement for their markets in Europe, but give consumers more items to choose from here in North America. The Straight Power 10 is a new PSU series that will finally be available in North America and the Pure Rock is a very nice looking budget CPU cooler, but the big release is a new computer case that will introduce Be Quiet! to the very competitive chassis market.

Be Quiet Pure Rock

Having a new PSU line up in North America is great due to the quality that Be Quiet! offers. The Straight Power series had only shown up in European markets but I’m sure the Straight Power 10 series will be welcomed warmly in North America. While the details may be sparse on the PSUs, the new CPU cooler has some very exciting connotations for the budget PC. Right now, the king of the budget CPU coolers is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ and the close second is the Hyper 212 Evo. These have great price to performance ratios, but they leave a little to desire in the noise and aesthetics departments. Each cooler has what looks like unfinished tips sticking out of the top and while the Evo fan looks slightly better, both are slightly plain while holding the Cooler Master reputation of being pretty loud at full speed. Be Quiet! is now introducing their Pure Rock cooler that is planned to release at $35.00. If this cooler out performs the Cooler Master variants, it will easily win in the looks and noise competitions making it a top choice. I particularly like how the tips are uniformly finished in silver to give a very pleasing look while sitting inside the case.

Be Quiet CaseThe biggest release however, is the new computer case being shown off at Computex. This is Be Quiet!’s first (and possibly last) shot at breaking into the chassis market that is extremely crowded. The case isn’t named yet, but the features look very solid and the price is at a fairly competitive $129.90. Can they do it? I’m fairly optimistic that they’ll be just fine. The case provides many of the standard features like a spacious interior, dust filters, cable management and removable bays. Some of the better highlights come from a great cutout in the motherboard tray for swapping out coolers, SSD mounts on the back side of the tray, the ability to remove all but one of the 5.25″ bays for more space and good support for liquid cooling in that budget. The highlight is the amount of noise dampening materials used in this case. The fan noise doesn’t have any direct outlet to get to a users ear making this one of the best designs for silent operation. With these features, the only direct competition I could find was the Corsair Obsidian 550d chassis but with a robust feature list and what looks to be the best air flow design for silent operation, the new case looks like a great choice. Ultimately, I believe what will make or break Be Quiet! is quality. On the other hand, they seem to have put some of their best design ingenuity into this chassis making it a premier choice for enthusiasts. I think the company is going to get a great start into the computer case market.

With the PSU series, CPU cooler and chassis design, Be Quiet! has given Computex 2014 some great hardware to show off. Competition will never hurt in any of these areas and with the level of quality being introduced, the bar will be set to new levels for companies to jump to. Overall, I think Be Quiet! has shown off some great products and I can’t wait to see some reviews to see if my suspicions are correct!


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