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Archive for April 10th, 2021

ASUS Republic of Gamers Launches Wide Array of Products at Computex 2014

ASUS Republic of Gamers Launches Wide Array of Products at Computex 2014 — Gaming focused products include the new G20 desktop, GR8 console PC, GX500 notebook, Maximus VII Formula, Impact and Crossblade Ranger motherboards, plus the Ares III graphics card and SWIFT PG278Q Display — Fremont, CA (June 3, 2014) – ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today displayed at Computex 2014 its new line-up of products for gamers in pursuit of portability, class leading design and extreme performance. These exciting products include the powerhouse G20 small-form-factor desktop, the GR8 that delivers PC gaming power in a console design and the ultra-thin, ultra-cool GX500 gaming notebook. To tantalize gaming and performance enthusiasts, ROG also showcased the flagship Z97-based Maximus VII Formula, Maximus VII Impact mini-ITX powerhouse, Crossblade Ranger — ROG’s first AMD FM2+ gaming motherboard — and the limited-edition Ares III, the world’s fastest graphics card powered by dual Radeon™ Hawaii XT GPUs and cooled by a custom-designed EK water block. Commenting on ROG’s Computex 2014 presentation, ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih said, “Performance is what we live and breathe for at ROG. Our design aesthetics are about creating a sense of pride and belonging, way beyond the use of lines or colors. We take it upon ourselves to transform your desires and imagination into a myriad of products that are both beautiful and powerful — to deliver an epic gaming experience. T...

NZXT Releases the Kraken X41/x61 and the Grid+

How do you make a great product better? Sometimes companies can redesign a product to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a design, release an updated model, then call it good. Or, a company can simply add a feature that makes an already great product even better. That’s exactly what we have today because NZXT just announced the release of the Kraken X41, x61 and the Grid+ that are all compatible with their new CAM software. As an enthusiast, nothing excites me more than writing about CPU cooling. This makes the release of new AIO coolers from NZXT all the more exciting, especially since the Kraken x60 had such a huge reputation. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any huge design changes with either loop. You still have a 140mm and 280mm rad with what looks to be the same power pump. On the other hand, NZXT did make some minor improvements that sound pretty good. The pump now has integrated speed control allowing the user to easily tone down the RPMs for quieter operation. This is great since controlling pump speed off a fan header isn’t the best and this can save a valuable connection on the fan controller. They also improved the fans to give a little better air flow but only the reviews will prove if these fans have better static pressure for the radiator. Combine all these features with the ability to control and monitor everything through the new CAM software and what you have is a system that you can monitor from anywhere anytime if you wa...

SilverStone ML06 HTPC Case Review

With more households "cutting the cord" to make the move to an all internet streaming solution, having access to a full fledged PC can be key to entertainment bliss. Some home smart theater equipment has YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu interfaces built right in. However, none of these boxes will have access to all of the named options, or a full fledged browser. They are also not capable of playing the latest PC games. This is why having a real PC connected to your television remains the best option. There are many choices when it comes to cases for your Home Theater PC. These will range from a full tower to the really small Intel NUC sized systems. Towards the smaller side of cases you will find the SilverStone MILO series of HTPC cases. The MILO series cases are designed to blend in with existing home theater equipment with simple styling and smaller profiles. Silverstone recently added the ML06 to the MILO lineup to add another layer of options for HTPC builders using Mini ITX boards. You were able to use the ML03 and ML04 cases but the ML06 is a whopping 50% smaller than the ML03! At a reported 7 liters, let's see if the ML06 stands up to the style and smart designs of the previous MILO HTPC cases.

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