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NZXT Gives Less Colors than Expected

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Posted May 2, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Over the past week, NZXT had a teaser page up with the quote, “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?” While I don’t understand art nearly as well as others, the color changing graphic had me quite excited about a plethora of color options, preferably by color changing LEDs, that consumers could do with their case. Unfortunately, the color choices aren’t as elaborate as I hoped for and even the case designs are merely others that have already been released.

h440-blue-2The first teaser to release was the H440 Special Edition Colors. The H440 was an exceptional case, so the option to give it more color trims isn’t a bad idea. Now, instead of white or red/black, you can choose a blue/black, green/black or orange/black scheme. While that extra feature is a nice option for consumers wanting variety, what’s unusual is the way they chose to release it. They gave a different color to three different vendors! It’s true that this is fairly unique, but it doesn’t really serve a practical purpose. If you’re the type of consumer who typically shops from one vendor, or has special accounts with them, then you may not be able to get the color scheme of choice without extra hassle and finagling. So while the choices are nice, it seems like NZXT should have given the color options to all vendors.

At least the first teaser however, seemed like an appropriate build up, but the second was more of a let down. The next case revealed was the Phantom 240. Wait! This case was already released right! Yes, it was, but now you get to enter a contest by designing your own color scheme. That’s right! It doesn’t even look like an actual case has been released yet, just a contest to see what case gets voted the highest. The other problem is this is simply a budget mid tower case. I would have expected at least a high end mid tower, preferably a full tower. Now overall, this isn’t a terrible idea. It’s great when customers get a choice, but the problem was the days of anticipation leading up to this. I did not feel like this release was worthy of the colorful exciting page teasing us about something big. Seriously! No LEDs!?!

Phantom 240 Design

Ultimately, none of these releases are terrible ideas by any means. There has been far worse hardware dumped on the public and both the H440 and Phantom 240 are solid cases. Unfortunately, I’ve seen PC manufacturers release a full PC that had multiple channels of LEDs and software that let you change the color of each channel separately from within Windows. So if somebody in the case manufacturing ring would take that idea and run with it, I feel like that would be a great way to bring two colors together and let them sing!



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