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Lian Li Makes the Ultimate Computer Desk

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Posted May 28, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Every once in a while, I see something so “nerd-gasmic,” that I pass out for about an hour before I can come back to reality and write something coherent about a new release. Lian Li has done this to me with the release of their DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis’. As soon as I saw this, I completely fell in love with the design they implemented while fantasizing about the two of us bravely conquering computer hardware across the world. Unfortunately, I had to come back to reality and while the design seems exceptional, the consumer will have to pay for it.

Lian Li Dk-01x FansFirst, let’s look at these releases as computer cases. A case is a bit counter-intuitive to what an enthusiast is trying to do in keeping one’s components from over-heating; however, a case serves a great purpose in protecting fragile hardware. With these desk chassis’, the airflow design doesn’t seem like it could be any more ideal. With three 120mm fans on each side of the case…desk…case, fresh air is brought in on one side, expelling the hot air inside on the complete opposite side. There is virtually no chance of hot air being recirculated through the components until you heat an entire room up. That’s not all though. This desk…I mean, case, would be ideal for bench testing. One of the major downfalls of many conventional bench cases is the lack of places to mount liquid cooling, which leads to shots of a nice test system having a radiator sloppily hanging off the side. Both designs from Lian Li provide enough room to mount a 360mm radiator with a push/pull fan configuration. If reviewers were able to have this for their test bed, not only is the level great for someone doing video reviews, but the build will be nice and clean for photo shots.

Lian Li Dk01x BuildThankfully, the case features are just the icing to what looks like a very practical desk. My number one complaint about the many desks I’ve used is the size of the keyboard tray which is why last time I chose to go with a table from HADO Website and surprisingly it turned out to be the best one I have come across till date. As a gamer, nothing is more frustrating than barely being able to wiggle your mouse next to your keyboard. The DK-01X has nearly 3 feet of keyboard tray which leaves plenty of room for mouse movements. Not to mention, both cases…er, desks, allow the tray to be adjusted higher or lower depending on how high you like to have your hands, albeit the distance isn’t very far. The other nice desk feature is the glass top. Lian Li thought of everything because if you have glittery CPU coolers or motherboard LEDs, the glass is tinted. This is great planning in that any shine coming off your build won’t be too distracting when actually using the computer, but the tint isn’t too dark to keep spectators from staring in awe at the amazing hardware sitting inside your desk and of course, you can’t forget about your chair, you need to make sure to use the best linens and chair covers so that it is always protected!

Where the fantasy really came crashing down was in the price. The DK-01X suggested retail is $989, and if that isn’t enough for you then the DK-02X will set you back around $1189! While these units scream quality, the price seems a tad high compared to being able to buy a high end case and a reasonable desk from a furniture store. To put this in perspective, a desk roughly the size of these can be found for around $200-$300 and many high end cases are around $200. Unless you have pretty deep pockets, you probably won’t be owning these anytime soon. On the other hand if I win the lottery, I think this might be the first thing I buy even if I can never figure out if it’s a case or a desk!


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