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Noctua Revolutionizes Air Cooling with the NH-D15

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Posted April 10, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Let’s face it. Even extreme liquid cooling enthusiasts occasionally appreciate good air coolers for their simplicity and noise levels. Sometimes, a person just doesn’t have time or cash to maintain liquid loops on every system they own. While the competition can be steep in the air cooling market, Noctua looks like they may have pulled a secret weapon to dominate the field for a while. I’m pleased to introduce the NH-D15 elite-class dual tower CPU cooler.

There are two reasons to be excited about this release. The first reason, as expected, is the increase in performance. I was particularly impressed by Noctua’s policy that they don’t release anything that they aren’t 100% satisfied with. They widened the fin-stack and spaced the heatpipes to improve efficiency. Reviews will be the final judge, but it looks like there will be a new king in the air cooling market. Some people still like to complain about the colors of Noctua fans, but that’s usually before owning one. The performance and low noise levels of the NF-A15 can make any person forget they ever hated beige and brown after seeing it in action.


Performance is always a good reason to look forward to new hardware, but functionality is what changes landscapes forever. Noctua has certainly changed the landscape with a simple, yet brilliant design feature. They recessed the lower fins on both towers so that RAM clearance issues will be a thing of the past (for the most part). This is great news for all of us who like beefy heat spreaders on our memory because, let’s face it, giant heat spreaders are cool! Particularly on the Intel X79 boards, this cooler will be a perfect choice for any RAM configuration the consumer can throw at it. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

While the NH-D15 doesn’t look very different from the D14, the improvements are huge. The performance will likely be impressive and the RAM recesses are an excellent idea that will force other manufacturers to consider how to improve their compatibility. As always, you can expect the renowned silence of operation from Noctua making this a great low-maintenance cooling option for high end systems. While family and friends may not appreciate the finer points of CPU cooling, the two giant gleaming towers will bring astonishment to spectators and great performance for enthusiasts.


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