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Razer Designs New Mechanical Keyboard Switches

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Posted March 7, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Gaming

Razer is all about gaming hype. They proudly boast that their products are “For Gamers, by Gamers.” The problem with hype though, is that it’s usually designed to make people spend more money than they need to. Take phones for example. A new phone every two years can get pricey but cellular companies are trying to diminish that wait so consumers can have a new phone every year! When I heard Razer designed a new keyboard, I smirked a little, and when I saw the video spots, I even laughed. All I can say now is, “I have to have one!’

While the exploding key in the video might have been a little over the top, the features of this keyboard are quite mouth-watering. The actuation point distance of the keys was trimmed, making it faster to press the key, but that’s only the first juicy bit. The really interesting feature is the reset distance. The standard mechanical distance to reset a key is 0.7mm, but the Razer switch is only 0.4mm. Key spam away because this keyboard is going to know the difference between fast clicking and actually holding down the key. The other nice feature is the lifespan, showing around three times the number of keystrokes standard mechanical switches can take before breaking down.

To say that I want to own one of these keyboards is an understatement. It’s true that this amount of precision is probably overkill for the standard gamer while e-sport “athletes” will get the most out these features. That doesn’t mean that standard gamers won’t find these worth the long term value in durability, as well as the consistent value of enjoying the everyday feel of the keyboards. Average users may see this as hype, but gamers will most likely appreciate the detail put into this product, even if it doesn’t give us the edge over adolescents who are still better at League of Legends than we are!




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