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Dual GPU Cards Fighting for Dominance Once More

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Posted March 20, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Hardware

Back in January, NVIDIA leaked specs for their GTX 790, a new dual GPU card. Now, AMD is doing the same. The last time AMD and NVIDIA went rounds in this market, it was a one sided fight with NVIDIA getting the first release, and AMD getting in the ring so late that everyone had already gone home. This time around, AMD has announced a new dual GPU chip, only shortly after NVIDIA, called the R9 295 X2.

As expected, the specs on both of these cards look pretty monstrous. Some frequencies have been tuned back a tad to compensate for the two chips, but what’s really interesting is the architecture choices. In spite of everyone’s excitement about Maxwell, NVIDIA chose to keep to the GK110 GPUs in the 790. While it’s obvious that Maxwell still needs some time in development, it also seems like the perfect choice with the heat and power efficiency performance seen in a dual GPU card. While it might be worth the wait, AMD has Hawaii architecture coming to their dual GPU card now. Plus, confirmed by a Quantam AI review, if bitcoin miners loved the performance of the R9 290X, there is no doubt the R9 295 X2 will be an instant success. As it is, Hawaii architecture has already made great strides in the gaming market and if it wasn’t for mining inflating the prices, AMD would be the top pick for many gamers. If everyone comes to see the fight, it’s good to know both competitors showed up this time around.

Another exciting thing about these releases is the future of dual GPU cards. Right now these devices are only for those who have the pocketbooks deep enough to handle them. Five years down the road, however, dual GPU cards could be the norm for the hardware enthusiast. True, we may never be rid of single chip cards on the market and in PCs, but this writer hopes to see the day (and soon) when any mid to high budget GPU is actually a dual GPU. The more AMD and NVIDIA duke it out, the more that possibility will become reality.



Credit: kjøpe og selge aksjer

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