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AMD Announces AM1 Platform, Still No Word for High End

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Posted March 6, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Other

AMD is very proud of their budget lineups. Their APUs make great affordable entertainment or gaming systems, so why not add more range to the budget end? The new AM1 platform will support quad and dual-core APUs. There was some mentions of “Kabini” and “Jaguar” as well as proclamations of these chipsets supporting all the latest and greatest in the Windows world. If these statements seem like they lack enthusiasm, it’s because they do. While there is most likely room for more budget end components, the real problem is AMD still isn’t giving anyone the slightest bone on what they plan for the high end CPU market.

In case you didn’t remember, AMD said that their FX series of chips would not get a steamroller update at the end of last year. This is bad news for anyone who builds higher end systems. The FX-8350 was a great chip, especially if you were in the market for an overclocking system, but didn’t want to spend over $1500. The FX-8350 combined with an Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Motherboard would cost just over $400, but gives you tons of overclocking potential so you could spend your dollars on more high end cooling systems. True, this only applies to those enthusiasts who live for overclocking, but then again, this is an overclocking website and we here at PureOverclock believe in overclocking.

Another disappointment is Intel has consistently owned the high end CPU market for some time, which has given them complete control over pricing. There are many people who, even if they can afford a good i5-4670k, could not afford the high end overclocking motherboards to match. Competition for Intel has all but disappeared and AMD seems to be doing nothing to get back in the game. It’s Super bowl XLVIII all over again, if AMD were the Broncos (sorry Broncos). AMD did try to reassure consumers last year that they weren’t giving up on the high end. However, their actions are proving quite the opposite in that they don’t want to bother with high end CPUs, but rather focus on graphics cards and budget APUs while raking in the dough from their new found console market.

Will AMD release a new series of FX chips? Really, whether they call it an FX series or not, it’s time AMD came out with something that shows the market they are serious about the competition. Even their graphics cards, while raising a lot of excitement for many reviewers, have a major hurdle coming down the road. Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture is looking to hit AMD as hard as Intel did years ago. The power efficiency combined with new high end releases could mean great performance, lots of head room, and far less heat than what the R9 cards are going to offer. Ultimately, AMD can’t keep ignoring power consumption and heat in their high end chips and if their engineers aren’t finding new ways to improve their architecture, maybe it’s time to hire some new talent.



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