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Archive for June 19th, 2021

Apacer’s SFD 25A Cloud-Based SSD Overcomes Bottleneck of Big Data Access

  Apacer’s SFD 25A Cloud-Based SSD Overcomes Bottleneck of Big Data Access     According to IDC research, business data storage has expanded continuously at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%. Global data storage is estimated to expand 50 times larger at the year of 2020. Therefore, how to employ “Information Lifecycle Management” (ILM) has become a must-know in developing cloud-based storage technology and big data structure. The concept of Information Lifecycle Management is to store application system and a company’s most heavily accessed data (certain trivial operations such as searching for e-mails and updating database etc.) in the SSD with the fastest response speed as On-Line storage. The secondary information can be stored in low-priced traditional hard disks as Near-Line storage. As for backups and archives, they can be stored in lower-cost storage media, such as magnetic tapes, as Off-Line storage. Through automatizing the Information Lifecycle Management, the company can reduce over 40% of its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The structurehighlights the balance between information value and storage costs. According to this management structure, corporate demand for storage capacity and transmission speed of SSD will be expanded gradually. For this reason, Apacer has launched a high-end cloud-based SSD – SFD (SATA Flash Drive) 25A, which surpasses SATA 2.0 interface SSD of enterprise server. With adoption of SATA 3.0 transmission in...

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS Review

Introduction As we all know, digital audio has been around for awhile and is practically a standard on most of our audio devices. Unfortunately, there are still select motherboards out there that don’t offer a digital output, so we’re stuck using an analog connection and laptops that only offer an analog audio jack. Cambridge Audio has the solution with their DacMagic XS. It’s a pocket size device that connects via any USB port and converts the audio to a digital signal.   Before we get started, let’s see what Cambridge has to say about it. Listening to music on your computer is brilliant – instant, easy access to all your digital files and a world of streaming services, internet radio and video sites. The cheap headphone output of a typical laptop or computer is simply not good enough to get the best from your headphones. The DacMagic XS USB DAC / Headphone Amp is an instant upgrade to any computer’s sound output. It connects quickly and easily to any USB port and allows you to hear your favourite music and movies with every drop of detail, exactly as the artist intended.

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