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Your feedback matters, Func MS-3 Revision 2 is here!

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Posted February 19, 2014 by RyanR in Gaming


On February 17th, 2014 Func, announced a new version of the already popular Func MS-3. In response to the feedback from fans and followers, Func took a step up to meet customer needs and introduced Revision 2 of the Func MS-3. The MS-3 has undergone an update to both firmware and product construction. The left and right buttons now rest upon even better mechanical switches, the cord attachment has been reinforced and the scroll wheel has been improved. A firmware upgrade tool is now integrated within the Settings Software, which will make it even easier for us to continually improve the functionality of the Func MS-3.

In addition to performance and reliability updates, the MSRP has been moved to $59.95 from $79.95, so now you get an improved product at an even better price.

About Func

Func was founded 1999 by a group of gamers and is one of the oldest gaming brands on the market. When Func released the first products, it hit the market in a spectacular way. The double-sided Func Surface 1030 won awards from nearly every major site and magazine in the industry.

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