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PureOverclock Needs You! Recruiting More Volunteer Staff: News Hounds & Backup Editor

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Posted February 18, 2014 by dgstorm in Other

PureOverclock Needs You!

PureOverclock.com is looking to recruit some additional staff! The site is growing and expanding quickly thanks to the steady leadership of Sandy and the amazing teamwork of all of our staff writers and reviewers. Because of that, we have a few roles on the site that need to be filled. We want to fill these roles with our favorite people, and that means you! Only PureOverclock.com members will do for our needs. All kinds of resume templates available online could motivate jobseekers intending to write their resumes by themselves regardless of the career stage they are at. Nonetheless, one does not have to write a resume from scratch each time hence the importance of resume templates.

First, we need a couple more News Hounds. Ryan has been doing a bang up job keeping up with the press releases, but we need some folks willing to do some custom content. Basically we need one or two folks with solid writing skills and the desire to share interesting news from across the web with us a few times throughout the week. It’s actually really easy if you have decent writing skills. Whenever a News Hound finds an interesting piece of news that they want to share with the rest of us, they just need to post an article with a picture and source link. We will even train them on how to use WordPress hosting, which is also very easy. We only need 3-4 articles per week from both of them, so it should be a piece of cake!

Second, we are looking for a Backup/Secondary Editor who can help edit reviews and news articles before publishing. This is obviously a bit more complicated work, and will require someone of considerable skill with grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. Your job will require finding all the errors in our reviews before they get published. It’s not really too hard, but sometimes the articles can be as long as 15-18 pages, so it can take an hour or two of your time. Most of them are about half that and are pretty easy.

We must reiterate that these are volunteer positions. Although the site is growing, we are a long way off from being able to pay anyone. Sometimes it’s possible that these volunteer staff might get an occasional PC hardware part or accessory, but don’t count on it happening on a regular basis. It’s a lot to ask, but we need you and appreciate anyone who is passionate enough about PureOverclock to give it a try.

If you are interested, please contact Sandy and I (using our contact info which you can find on the site) and we will give you additional details. You will need to submit a writing sample of a short news article/forum post for consideration. Thanks again!

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