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MSI announces FM2+ Mini-ITX A88XI AC motherboard

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Posted February 24, 2014 by RyanR in CPU & Motherboards

MSI announces FM2+ Mini-ITX A88XI AC motherboard

The ideal small form factor all-round solution

MSI, a world leader in motherboards, debuts its first AMD FM2+ socket based Mini-ITX motherboard, the MSI A88XI AC. The MSI A88XI AC supports the new AMD Kaveri APU and is FM2 backwards compatible (Richland and Trinity). Equipped with a rich feature set including Intel Dual Band Wireless AC WiFi/Bluetooth and PCIe Gen 3.0 support, the MSI AX88XI AC is the ideal small form factor multimedia, office or gaming solution without compromising on features.

The ideal small form factor multimedia, office and gaming solution

The MSI A88XI AC motherboard features a wide variety of multimedia solutions such as H.264 hardware decoding, support for 4K UHD video, Blu-ray playback and 8-channel HD Audio through HDMI. When combined with today’s processors featuring advanced integrated graphics, MSI motherboards support triple display configurations for more efficiency and flexibility of the desktop layout. The MSI A88XI AC motherboard is ready for 4K UHD resolution with support up to 4096 x 2160. 4K UHD and triple display support deliver an amazing experience when watching movies and playing games.


The MSI A88XI AC also features two DDR3 DIMMslots (up to 32GB 2400(OC) MHz Dual Channel Memory, with AMP & XMP support), four SATA 6Gb/s ports with RAID support, one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, one Mini-PCIe slot, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.4a output. To top it off, the MSI A88XI AC is equipped with an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC WiFi/Bluetooth adapter. All the features packed in a Mini-ITX small form factor make the MSI A88XI AC the ideal motherboard for multimedia, office and gaming use.


The best possible sound quality with USB Audio Power

High quality USB audio devices, such as external DACs, suffer from a weak USB power delivery, highly impacting sound quality. Only MSI USB Audio Power continues to deliver 5V to the USB ports on motherboards, greatly improving sound quality. The USB Audio Power design, which powers all the USB ports independently, offers more stable power and audio signals than traditional solutions. This results in much clearer sound effects with reduced noise, along with improved power stability for the users’ extra devices, enjoying an enriched sound presentation.

Get ready for the future with Mantle and TrueAudio

Gain access to the latest technology with the MSI A88XI AC to get a sublime sound experience and more fluid gameplay through more FPS. Mantle helps to achieve better frame rates through the use of an exclusive developed API by AMD. AMD TrueAudio (Kaveri and newer) technology uses the GPU to perform audio calculations. It delivers unprecedented levels of acoustic fidelity and immersion.


Military Class 4: The Most Stable Military Class Components

MSI uses award-winning Military Class 4 components. Military Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. Hi-C CAPs, Solid CAPs, Dark CAPs, together with SFC and Dark Chokes, ensure your PC runs stable under extreme conditions. These key components have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments. The core of Military Class 4 is based on the essential elements which increase your stability in the worst conditions, featuring humidity protection, high temperature protection, EMI protection and ESD protection.

OC Genie 4, Click BIOS 4 & Command Center

The MSI AX88XI AC motherboard is equipped with many exclusive new technologies, including the one-second overclocking OC Genie 4, the 4th generation of the world’s first graphical controlled interface for consumer motherboards Click BIOS 4 and the Command Center software that combines features such as monitoring, tuning and controlling of your hardware. The unprecedented level of flexibility and control offered in MSI’s unique hard- and software design puts you in the driver seat of your motherboards configuration.



a88xac-aseriesbadge.jpg AMD 28NM KAVERI SUPPORT
Supports AMD Socket FM2+ and FM2 A-Series/Athlon™ Processors
a88xac-a88xbadge.jpg A88X EXCLUSIVE FEATURES
AMD CrossFire ™ Ready, Featuring AMP, Configurable TDP, and Full RAID options
a88xac-4k.jpg 4K UHD HDMI 1.4a
4K UHD support through High-Definition Multimedia Interface Version 1.4a
a88xac-gen3.jpg NEXT GEN PCI-EXPRESS 3.0
PCIe Gen 3.0 Ready
a88xac-3displays.jpg 3 TIMES DISPLAY
Support for 3 Display Outputs, supporting triple display configurations
j1800i-usb.jpg USB 3.0
Fully Supports High-speed USB Storage Devices
sata6.png SATA 6 Gb/s
Up to 6Gb/s Data Transfer Bandwidth
j1800i-mflash.jpg M-FLASH
Simply Update & Backup Your BIOS
j1800i-boot.jpg FAST BOOT
Quickly Boot Up And Enter OS In A Few Seconds
j1800i-update.jpg LIVE UPDATE 5
Easily Update The Latest BIOS & Drivers

For more information about pricing and availability,
please contact a local official MSI distributor.

About MSI

In the past 25 years, MSI always strived to provide products based on its core values –”Innovation” and “Style”. The results are products with superior performance, trusted reliability, excellent user experience and expressive style. MSI mainboards and graphics cards are found among the top 3 in the world because of their great quality and maximum productivity. Our hard work have led us to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries, 150 million mainboard users and 100 million graphics card users worldwide. MSI has won nearly 8,000 award recognitions from 350 media in 50 countries worldwide. MSI will continue to pioneer in the area of global consumer electronics technology with the needs of hardware enthusiasts, gamers and consumers at its core. For more information about MSI, go to www.msi.com.

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