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HTC aims to cure diseases with your smartphone

Posted February 27, 2014 by dgstorm in News

Our smartphones are gaining more and more power, opening new doors to new app functionality. This is not limited to games or programs to make your life easier. HTC now is joining ranks with SETI@home and Folding@home to be able to harness that power. HTC Power To Give aims to combine the power of your android smartphones to create a network of vast computational power. To make this possible, HTC with the help of the creator of SETI@home, Dr. David Anderson, have created an app which makes it very easy to do your part. After the app is downloaded from the Google Play store, when your phone is connected to WiFi and charging, your phone will be added to a huge network of phones all aiming to solve today’s greatest problems.

HTC claims if they got 1 million HTC One smartphones all working together, it could be as powerful as a one-Petaflop supercomputer.At the current time, only HTC One and Butterfly phones can be used; however, HTC plans to add more and more Android devices.

What will your phone’s processing power be used for? The power harnessed by these phones will be used to aid researchers in a variety of uses. One of the main focuses is researching a cure for cancer and other diseases; this is done mainly through protein folding. When a protein in your body does not fold correctly, there is a possibility to cause one of many diseases, including cancer. Protein folding can show scientists the correct sequences so they can find ways to prevent or treat diseases attributed to that protein. Doing something as easy as downloading an app could help save millions of lives.

Written by DanielB

Source: HTC Power To Give


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