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Antec Announces New Availability of HCP 1300 PSU

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Posted February 27, 2014 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Antec just announced that it’s highest end PSU, the HCP 1300 Platinum, is being released to new markets. What makes this interesting is they released this unit in India first, but now it looks like it’s hitting the American and European markets and possibly others that were harder to find mentions of. While the question may still remain of why a California based company would release a unit in India first, what makes this PSU more interesting is some new features that might be telling of the future of motherboards.

The first feature of interest is the OC Link Technology. This actually came out a bit ago and allows two PSUs to be connected simultaneously to reach the power demands of a super high end system. With 1300 watts of power, it seems hard to imagine needing more than one unit, however, dual GPU cards can easily max out power demands once 2 or 3 of them are set up in one system. This could mean that there is a future for more dual GPU GFX Cards in the development pipes for the system builder. The more realistic reason though, is that with bit coin miners buying up power intensive AMD cards and running them 24/7, they need PSUs to have more than enough headroom over the power requirements of their systems so there’s less chances of burn outs.

The other interesting feature to note is the inclusion of a 28-pin motherboard connector. The idea behind this is to future proof the PSU, but with new tech being more power efficient, it’s hard to imagine what the need for 4 extra pins can actually be. On the other hand, if dual GPU GFX Cards become more common, especially in lower budget ranges, motherboards may begin supporting more PCI-E lanes to manage all the bandwidth, requiring more power. This could also help include more lanes to handle RAM making quad, penta or even hexa channel configurations a standard feature on new chipsets. Another possibility for these pins could merely be some new built-in features from certain high-end boards. Hopefully, this isn’t just a marketing gimmick that raises hopes for nothing after the 20- pin connector becomes the new standard.

While new features are fun to muse over, the reality is the Antec HCP 1300 Platinum looks like a great PSU with what else is included. A platinum rating, stealth wiring, four 12v rails and full modular support are all things enthusiasts look for in a unit like this and there are still more features to mull over. Time will tell on whether the performance matches the impression, but overall this looks like a solid release from Antec. The price may seem a little on the high side compared to other units, but features and efficiency may make up for that in the mind of the consumer.


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