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CES Las Vegas 2014 MSI overview with PureOC

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Posted January 23, 2014 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards

MSI CES 2014 – Graphics Cards

In the Graphics card sector, we were able to take a closer look at MSI’s new NVIDIA GTX760 mini graphics card that MSI just launched. Here is a quick glance at what we saw.

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As you can see, the form factor for this GTX760 is quite small. Due to its size, MSI had to develop a cooler that can keep up with its heat distribution and still remain effective. The heatsink and fin design is unique to this GTX760; the fins can blow air from the top and also from the inside of the heatsink. This is similar to a dual cooling effect to help keep temps down.

MSI is also sending one of these units to us for review in the coming weeks and we will be able to tell you exactly how well these will perform. One item we have to say is that this matches up nicely to the new MSI Z87I Gaming motherboard. So if you are looking for a powerful small form factor build this is a perfect match in heaven.

Here are some specifications from MSI for the NVIDIA GTX760 mini card.

Swinging over to the AMD side of things, we can tell that our MSI tour guide, David, was happy to show us an upcoming AMD release of the R9-290X Lightning Graphics Card. We have been hearing about the R9-290x Lightning on the net just before CES. With no solid information on the details of the 290X unit, we were happy to get a first glance at this beast. Before we going into more details let’s get a closer look at the MSI R9-290X Lightning.

MSI AMD R9-290X Lightning

R9-290X Front

R9-290X Top

R9-290X Heatsink

R9-290X Back

R9-290X Closer Look

After taking a closer look at the R9-290X Lightning we have to say that MSI did a great job on the design of the lighting. This graphics card is not for the faint of heart. The card was also very heavy and feels solid. The R9-290X Lightning just screams quality once you hold it. The triple fan design is also great to see. There is one fan over the GPU core and two additional fans over the VRM heatsinks and the whole card. This will certainly help with temps. We did ask MSI regarding what temps we might expect; however, MSI couldn’t provide that information at this time. I guess we are going to have to put in a request to get this card for review too!

The back-side also sports an MSI Lightning back plate straight from the factory. This is great to see and also necessary since the heatsink is pretty massive. We can imagine it warping the PCB if it didn’t have it. We also find an LED back light phase panel. The card will also require additional power (2x 8pin and 1x 6pin PCIe) power adapter. This will help the beefy power phase for overclocking needs which MSI has developed to handle.

This MSI AMD R9-290X is due to release in the next few months and we can’t wait to see these start to hit store shelves with some serious overclocks. While these were not the only graphics cards we saw at MSI’s CES suite, they were the main attraction with the anticipation of the up coming releases.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at some other items we are expecting to see from MSI in 2014.

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