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CES Las Vegas 2014 MSI overview with PureOC

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Posted January 23, 2014 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards

MSI CES 2014 – Overview

This year we had the opportunity to meet with MSI at CES 2014 Las Vegas. We were excited to take a glimpse at what we can expect from MSI this year, but before we go over that, let’s cover something else first. Over the last few years, MSI has taken a leap in marketshare. We have seen this with their Gaming Series, their MPower line of motherboards, and with their Gaming and Lighting Series graphics cards. Their recent release with the NVIDIA and AMD line up really sparked a lot of interested with fans, and we hope to see MSI continue this trend in 2014. Thanks to MSI for spending time with us at CES! Now, let’s have a look at what we saw from MSI at CES 2014.

We will first star off with MSI’s Intel line up. The Z87 Gaming and MPower series motherboards have been well received by consumers during the launch of Haswell. One item in particular which that sparked our interest was MSI’s new mITX format Gaming Series Z87 chipset motherboard. With the popular and growing demand of small form factor builds recently, we weren’t surprised that MSI started growing their Gaming series line up. Here is a glimpse at what we saw.

We were quite impressed with the features this board offers. It also has great aesthetic appeal, which it shares with its bigger brothers the Z87M Gaming and Z87A Gaming Edition motherboards. The fact that it was shrunken down in size and now offers an on-board Wifi Adapter was a pleasant surprise. We have requested MSI send this motherboard for us to review, so stay tuned for that possibility in the near future.

Here are some specifications of the motherboard from MSI.

While were are on the subject of motherboards, we also got a glance at the new up coming AMD APU series motherboard line up. With the release of the new APU Kaveri, MSI has developed a full blown range of MSI Gaming A88X series motherboards along with some Classic and budget line boards. Here is a glance at some of the boards we saw.

Here is some info on the line-up we saw. We saw several motherboard lines, from the Gaming series to MSI’s Classic series, and even some of its budget line.

A88X-G45 Gaming

A88XM Gaming





We are set to see some of these motherboards released and available in Q1 and Q2 of 2014. To briefly talk about what to expect from MSI’s APU series line up, we are seeing the same great aesthetics we saw from their Intel Gaming series. It looks like MSI is continuing with the same great design from its classic series. MSI has also improved the circuitry (see below) on its motherboards; they have separated the on-board sound chipset with a circuit break to keep feedback to a minimum. (Pictured below is the MSI A88XM Gaming)

Another motherboard that really caught our attention is the MSI AMD AM1L motherboard. This is something completely new from MSI and it uses AMD’s AM1 A/E series chipset. This is a more budget line up; however, we can see this platform to be a popular set up for many HTPC/SteamBox users that are looking for a set up on a budget.

Here is a closer look at some of the AMD hardware we expect to see soon:
Pictured below: MSI A88XIA (mITX) and MSI AM1L (mITX), click on arrows to view content.

We can’t wait to get some of these new AMD APU series motherboards in for testing in the coming months. Let’s move onto the next subject here and we are going to take a look at what MSI has coming up in the graphics division.

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