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VisionTek 26 Piece PC Tool Kit Review

With Tax Return Season upon us there are many who might be considering putting together their first new PC build or perhaps updating their current build. During the process of putting together the parts list, there is one item that is frequently neglected; that item is the tool-set you will need assemble your rig. Any old average set of tools (as long as they contain at least a philips screwdriver) will do you in a pinch, but it's best not to use dad's rusty-old screwdriver because it could get rust flakes and who knows what other kinds of dirt and grime all over your new PC hardware. Thankfully there are tool kits designed specifically with system building in mind, and VisionTek has a fairly comprehensive kit of their own, which we will review for you today. Their kit comes with 26 pieces of surprisingly versatile, yet simple tools. We'll be taking a quick look at what something like this offers you, the budding system builder, in your quest to construct the perfect metal monolith. First, here's a word about VisionTek:

FZtech CPU Coolers feature pulse width modulation.

Introduction On January 30, 2014 FZtech introduced the Server Cooler Freezer 120 Series a cooling solution designed for the INTEL® LGA1366 CPU (1U Server Industrial PC). These units are compatible with Intel® LGA1366 type CPUs up to 85 W, Freezer 120 Series is available with pulse width modulation, allowing the fan speed to change automatically, based on CPU loads. The fan operates within range of 800–4500 rpm with maximum airflow of 27.02 cfm and noise range of 0–39 dBA. These coolers have 2 ball bearings and are rated for 12 V operation. In the PWM enabled model, the Freezer 120 series of CPU coolers measure in at 90 x 90 x 26.5mm and weigh in at 700 gm .The fan runs within a range of 800 to 4500 RPM with maximum airflow of 27.02 CFM and a noise range of 0 to 39 dBA. FZtech’s Freezer Series 120 are compatible with the following CPUs: • Core i7 (Up to 85 W) • Intel Xeon (Up to 85W) • Intel Celeron (Up to 85 W) About FZtech, Inc. As a creator and supplier of cutting edge, high-quality, reasonably priced, thermal and metal products for use in PC, LED, and consumer electronics product applications, FZtech offers total metal and thermal solutions and provides OEM services to various industry leading companies, including Advantech, Advansus, Avalue and Tranquil PC. For more information visit FZtech online at www.fztech.com.tw.

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