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Archive for January 15th, 2021

ASUS P9X79-E WS Motherboard Review

Introduction The X79 based chipset motherboards have been out for quite some time now and with the recent launch of Intel Ivy-Bridge E chips, Intel didn’t do much at this time to improve the chipset. Some will say it’s not needed and some will advise against this and say go for the new release of the Z87 based chipset. While the Z87 base chipset did have great improvements for the newly release Haswell chips, we still see a strong stand from the X79 chipset. Today, we are going to take a look at a board from ASUS that has given the X79 chipset a revision which will push the limits and take full use on Ivy-B E. This is the new ASUS P9X79-E WS motherboard. What does WS stand for? Well this is designed to be a workstation motherboard for those serious video encoders or server and workload crunching. Of course, it makes for a great enthusiast’s motherboard too.   While this P9X79-E WS (workstation) motherboard is not as mainstream as some of the newer Z87 chipset based boards, ASUS has put together some unique touches to offer better performance and features. Let’s dive in a talk more about what this X79 chipset based board can do.  

NZXT H440 Case and NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical keyboard

Introduction Introducing the H440 with next generation FN V2 case fans and NZXT Teamed up with Ducky to create ultra-limited NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboards NZXT is proud to announce the launch of its latest chassis, the H440 as well as the NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical keyboard. NZXT has completely removed the 5.25” optical bays from the case since they have become antiquated and to make room for chassis improvements. The H440’s come with a massive full-view side window, an integrated power supply shroud, two SSD trays above the PSU shroud, and four steel HDD trays. The H440 is the first case to include NZXT’s next generation case fans, the FN V2. 1. It comes equipped with 1 rear 140mm exhaust fan and 3 front 120mm intake fans. This case is capable of holding radiators up to 360mm. With its minimalist design and new interior design, the H440 guarantees an easy and rewarding PC-building experience. This case is available now for pre-order on the NZXT Armory Store, the H440 comes in white/black or black/red for $119. The new retail versions of the 120mm FN V2 and 140mm FN V2 will also be available soon for $8.99 and $9.99 respectively.     Los Angeles, CA – to coincide with the H440 launch NZXT is pleased to announce its collaboration with Ducky Channel to create the extremely limited edition NZXT Shine 3 Mechanical Keyboard. this keyboard will be available in black/white or black/red. The keyboard features Cherry MX Red switches and a large amount of LED back...

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