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SolidRun’s CuBox-i pro mini computer

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Posted November 4, 2013 by RyanR in News

SolidRun has released a new version of their CuBox mini computer. This unit has a low carbon footprint and is extremely power efficient. It comes loaded with open source SDK and measures in at 2x2x2 inches. CuBox-i can stream, play, serve, and cast multimedia. CuBox-i models have scalable ARM processor cores, memory size, GPU cores. Cubox-i is flexible allowing you to install Android or Linux, Python, Perl, compilers, IDEs, and media players. It comes with an MSRP of $119.99 for the pro version and it also supports the use of XBMC as a multimedia front end for use as home theater box.



CuBox-i pro


Chipset i.MX6 Quad

Core Count 4 @ 1 GHz

Memory Size 2GByte DDR3

Memory Config 64 bit @ 1066Mbps

3D GPU GC2000

3D GPU Type OpenGL|ES 1.1/2.0,OpenCL 1.1E

HW Video Dec/Enc Multi Format

HDMI 1080p 1.4, 3D support

Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps (*)

USB 2.0 Host 2 x Hosts

WiFi 11n/BlueTooth yes

Micro SD Interface yes

eSata II 3Gbps yes

RTC With Backup Battery yes

Optical S/PDIF Audio Out yes

Micro USB to RS-232 yes

InfraRed for Remote Control Receiver & Transmitter



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