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PCMark 8 benchmark update adds Windows 8.1 compatibility

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Posted October 10, 2013 by Kevin in Software
This update adds compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, introduces new options for testing OpenCL, and adds detailed hardware monitoring graphs.
  • Scores from the Work, Storage and Applications benchmarks are not affected by this update.
  • Scores from the Home and Creative benchmarks should not be compared with scores from previous versions of PCMark 8 due to the addition of new run modes for those tests.

PCMark v1.1.111 uses a new installer. If your system has an older version of PCMark 8 installed, you should manually uninstall it using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel before installing this update. You should also manually uninstall SystemInfo.

  • The Home and Creative benchmarks now offer a choice of run modes.
    • Conventional mode does not use OpenCL, reflecting how the majority of software works today.
    • Accelerated mode uses OpenCL acceleration, anticipating how software will work in the future.
  • New interactive graphs show hardware monitoring data from each benchmark run.
  • Progress windows now show estimated time for each test.
  • SystemInfo scan is now at least 50% faster.
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • SystemInfo updated to v4.21 for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.
  • New troubleshooting options for OpenCL device selection in Help tab.
  • Fixed an issue in the Web Browsing test that could cause the test to hang.
  • Fixed an issue with Video Chat and Video Group Chat showing empty windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Video Chat tests to return inaccurate results.
  • Fixed a crash on 32 bit versions of Windows.
PCMark 8 Professional Edition v1.1.111

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