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Club 3D presents Radeon R7 260X royalKing and R7 250 and 240 cards

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Posted October 8, 2013 by Kevin in Video Cards

Club 3D launches Radeon R7 260X, 250 and 240 cards

It´s not a secret that AMD has had the performance lead at any important price point over the past few years. Graphics cards like the Radeon HD 7850, 7790, 7770 and 7750 have proved to be impressive performers while being very affordable. Compared to other offerings in the market they still are great products. Graphics Core Next architecture, DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, DirectX 11 support and Clock Speeds of over 1 GHz, the HD 77XX and 78XX series delivered High End specs at a Mid Range price point.

With the launch of the new Radeon R7 range this development will be continued further. The different segments will be clearly distinguishable by the new label they carry. R9 stands for the enthusiast, High End segment, while the R7 label contains capable performers in the Mid Range segment.

RADEON is Gaming

Club 3D is proud to announce:

Club 3D Radeon R7 260X royalKing

Powered by the Bonaire GPU featuring 896 Stream Processors a boost Clock speed of 1160 MHz, 2Gb of GDDR5 memory running at 6600MHz and featuring 2x DVI, HDMI and DP 1.2 outputs, the Radeon R7 260X is built to perform. The AMD Graphics Core Next architecture is now the foundation of a common architecture that includes 100% of the next generation consoles, the new Mac Pro and the AMD Radeon R7 and R9 GPU’s. This represents a massive vote of confidence by the industry in AMD’s favor. GCN is a huge step forward, firmly placing AMD in the new era of heterogeneous computing, but without losing sight efficiency or performance.
With a 3D Mark Fire Strike score of more than 3700, excellent 1080p performance, AMD ZeroCore Power technology and flagship features like AMD True Audio the R7 260X is the best GPU in its class and an excellent upgrade for an AMD Radeon HD 5770 or similar GPU.

more info on the Club 3D Radeon R7 260 

Club 3D Radeon R7 250 1Gb/ 2Gb, R7 240 2Gb

Available in a variety of form factors and with 1 or 2 Gb DDR3 memory, the Radeon R7 250 and R7 240 raise the performance bar and enable all the advanced GCN features and technologies without the need of external power. It is the ideal choice if you appreciate some casual gaming every now and then and enjoy all your multimedia content in Full HD. For any new or existing system the Radeon R7 250 or R7 240 is the budget friendly way to go.


As you can see AMD and Club 3D are entering the holiday season with a lot of excitement. We are offering a brand new product line and have the best performance at every important price point. We have Graphics Core Next, Mantle, True Audio, 4K gaming and much more. RADEON IS GAMING

more info on the Club 3D Radeon R7 250 2Gb

more info on the Club 3D Radeon R7 250 1Gb

more info on the Club 3D Radeon R7 240 2Gb

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