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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming Video Card Review

In this review we will be looking at the new MSI R9 270X Gaming 2G video card. As the name suggests the card features the AMD Radeon R9 270X GPU targeted at the occasional gamer and budget minded enthusiast. Full Review: http://www.ninjalane.com/reviews/video/msi_r9_270x_gaming

Rosewill Announces New Members of THRONE Gaming Case

Detail product information: http://www.rosewill.com/landingpage/THRONE/

QNAP Launches TS-x70 Tower Series Turbo NAS with Scale-up Solutions to Meet Data Growth Demands

Taipei, Taiwan, October 9, 2013 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the release of the business-class TS-x70 series Turbo NAS. Available in 4, 6 and 8-bay tower models; the TS-x70 series with scale-up support is the perfect solution for the growing data needs of modern business environments. Businesses are constantly seeking extra storage space to keep up with the demands of today’s IT environments. The TS-x70 series’ high-scalability design supports online capacity expansion by connecting multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures (REXP-1200U-RP / REXP-1600U-RP) to expand total storage to 100TB raw capacity. With this flexibility, businesses can expand their storage as needed and have more control over their storage deployment. Powered by a Dual-Core Intel® 2.6 GHz Processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM with the availability of four Gigabit LAN ports, the TS-x70 offers business users an ultra high-performance NAS solution for day-to-day operations. Jason Hsu, product manager of QNAP, states “QNAP’s internal testing shows that the reading speed is up to 450MB/s and writing speed up to 423MB/s in typical Windows environments in network trunking mode.” In addition, the TS-x70 series supports 10GbE high-speed networking making it an ideal solution for applications such as real-time HD video editing and data center environments. Even with this high scalability and performance, administrating the TS-x70 series is effortless with QNAP’s QTS 4.0 operating system. With ...


Gigabyte Windforce R9-27xOC-2GD

    Introduction:   There has been a flurry of guesses, assumptions, predictions and all out nonsense relating to the new AMD R9 and R7 series of GPUs. Well the day has come where we can confirm and/or lay to rest most of the items previously listed. Launch day is here! The internet has been on fire for the last few days about the new AMD GPUs for multiple reasons: performance increases, newer technology features and most of all prices. We all love to finally know how much something will cost so we know how much work it will be to obtain. We love it even more when we get more performance per dollar. That ratio seems to be the driving force behind the new AMD cards released today. Unfortunately we don’t get to see all of the new features of the Hawaii based cards, but I will cover some of those here. What we do get to see is a shift towards a model based on the idea that everyone/anyone can be a gamer. The R9-270x is focused on the mainstream segment of the market where most of the market share resides. Lowering the initial cost of entering the PC gaming segment while still allowing them to play most games with high settings can be a big win for the industry. More people will buy games and will upgrade other hardware. They might also add a 2nd GPU when they decide one will no longer feed their thirst for higher levels of detail and resolution. Many, like myself, are eager to see what the new- “New era of gaming” is all about. Can it possibly live up...

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