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Archive for June 13th, 2021

Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD Review

  It’s only a short time ago that I reviewed the Samsung 840 series of SSDs. The 840 series was the first consumer grade SSD to use TLC (Triple Level Cell) NAND. I am still conducting long term endurance testing on the 840 series SSD, and so far it has proven to be very durable. If the 840 SSD has a weakness, then it is most certainly its sequential writing performance, which by today’s standards is rather pedestrian. Meet the new Samsung 840 EVO series of SSDs, which is said to address the lack of sequential writing performance of the original 840, and offer even more performance in other departments as well. The 840 EVO series is available in the following capacities. 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and finally a 1000GB version. They all use Samsung’s new 19nm Toggle 2 TLC NAND, and also feature a new faster SSD controller. You can read about the new hardware on the next page. Samsung sent me two SSDs, a 250GB model, and the 750GB version. Last week I reviewed the 840 EVO 250GB version. This week I’m taking a look at the larger 840 EVO 750GB version. So let’s find out how this new SSD performs in our range of tests. Full Review: http://www.myce.com/review/samsung-840-evo-750gb-ssd-review-68305/

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