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MSI Powers 3D Animation

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Posted July 29, 2013 by Kevin in Software


MSI mobile workstations launched for few months already, now actively looking for partnership in M&E (Multimedia & Entertainment) industry. “MIDA” starts the page! MIDA*, is an animation, which created by Win-Land Multimedia* & Kent ADIP with mixed styles of 2D & 3D images. On 27 July, a 3D holographic projection live show will be held during Fancy Frontier Animation in Taipei. MSI Workstation provides product mobility and optimized 2K (2048 x 1536 pixels) images and contents during the show. It will be one of the few 3D holographic projection performed by virtual and cosplay singers.

“ We spent years of investment in creating original digital content. This year, we expect MIDA and her virtual band- The Evolutionary Voice, can lead Taiwan animation artworks into one of the top animation countries. We believe with the help of MSI Workstation continuous compute power, we can shorten the time of success and bring amazing films to asian animation markets.” said Kent Chang, Director of Kent ADIP*.

Behind the scenes, MSI workstation & Taiwan National Center of High-Speed Performance render farms delivered hardware and cloud computing infrastructure. For Taiwan, it’s the very first time to present a full-length animation feature combine with 2D, 3D, motion capture characters which requires rendering over tens of millions of polygons.

“ In order to make this stand out from many other animation in Asian market, we introduced the world’s advanced motion capture technology, which can process and record multiple characters, objects & large movements. We’ve been worked closely with MSI Workstation team, which capable of providing real-time editing environment that allows us work much more efficiently” said Michael Lin, CEO of Mirax Technology*.

3D animated parts in the film has been done primarily by using MSI GT70 workstation, which featuring NVIDIA Quadro K3000M graphics, Intel Core i7 Processor, 32GB Memory, and 2x 128GB SSD plus 750GB HDD; software tools are Autodesk 3DS MAX, Maya & Motion Builder, Adobe Photoshop & After Effects, The Foundry Nuke. In fact, through more and more industrial case studies and user experiences feedbacks, MSI has more and more confidence in enhancing workstation features.

MIDA , about friendship, love, reality and dreams! Five physically or mentally disabled teenagers, through dreams they are capable of connecting to each other’s dreams. Different people exist in the same dream, in that dream they can easily become whoever they dream to be. Their common interest, this motivate them group up a band in dreams. Some dreams can be so true that even more real than reality.

WinLand Multimedia specialized in designing multimedia products that combining living arts and digital- learning materials. Its brand ‘Funidea’ provides creative contents and total solutions to brands, publication and education customers. Service includes content development, management, licensing and marketing. Presently, we involved in two primary projects, which are series « POPA Family » and 3D animation
« MIDA ».

Kent ADIP established in 2000, artworks covered various multimedia and entertainment fields, like TVCF, programs, movies, and now to animation. Kent ADIP is also the pioneer in Taiwan who applies motion capture into market. Kent continuingly creates original movies and provides breakthrough visual effects for Taiwan’s arts and entertainment industry.
  • 2011 In order to meet tremendous rendering computation needs for large animated films, Kent ADIP cooperated with National Center of High-Speed Performance Computing to establish the first high performance cloud computing farm in Taiwan.
  • 2012 Commercial “Ripple of Desire” consolidated and finished the visual effects project with over 400 cuts in visual effects and with 3D stereo technology.
  • 2012 TVCF “Dan In The Rain” for Pepsi Taiwan.
  • 2013 3D Animation ” MIDA”, co-producing with ” Win-Land Multimedia Co., Ltd.” will release in November, 2013.

MIRAX Technology Corp., MIRAX, a Animation production tools provider, provide services, like engine and motion capture technology for animation studios companies. MIRAX built up a Motion Capture Studio, which equips with 20 high-end motion capture cameras support up to 3 actors motion recording at the same time. MIRAX is also the authorized partner of Autodesk and Unity3D, which specialized in developing AAA games & Apps

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