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MSI Intel 8 Series OC

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Posted July 19, 2013 by Kevin in Software
MSI OC on Z87, H87, B85 and H81 Chipsets

Z87 the only true Overclocking platform

MSI, a leading Motherboard and Graphics Card manufacturer has updated the BIOS for its H87, B85 and H81 based motherboards with Intel’s latest Microcode update. Since the Initial release of this BIOS, it has allowed CPU overclocking on all MSI motherboards with a H87, B85 or H81 chipsets. MSI, as a technology leader had this feature exposed since the initial release of each of the more than 30 models that were announced back in June, such as the H87-G41 PC Mate and the B85-G43. At this time, it was apparant that, in order to offer the highest stability and compatibility, it was not in the interest of our community to announce a “feature” that we knew would be removed after a microcode update. Intel has since then updated the microcode for their 8 series chipsets and we advise everyone to always use the latest BIOS for their motherboard as this allows them to enjoy the highest level of stability and compatibility. It is with great pain that we see other motherboard manufacturers announce this a feature for short-term marketing gain, neglecting to mention that users would use this function in the near future. We want to urge the PC community to only chose Z87 based motherboards if they want to enjoy the benefits of overclocking since Z87 based motherboards, like the Z87 MPOWER are guaranteed to provide a great overclocking exprience now and in the future, regardless of the use of special BIOS revisions or “features”.


MSI Overclocking options

In our continuous strive to deliver better performance MSI has exposed various overclocking functionality in Intel and AMD chipsets. for the latest Intel 8 series chipsets MSI offers the following overclocking options.

  • Enhanced Turbo: When enabled, allows all cores of an Intel CPU to run at maximum Turbo boost Frequency.
  • Non-K SKU OC on Z87: Non-K SKU CPUs can be overclocked to run at maximum Turbo Boost Frequency
  • OC on H87, B85 and H81: Up to 80x multiplier can be selected when inserting a K SKU CPU in any MSI Motherboard with Intel 8 series chipset.

B85 Overclocking record

Vietnamese overclocker Savumi used our B85-G43 to show the true overclocking potential of MSI Intel 8 series motherboards. Using Just a B85-G43 and a Core i5 4670K he was able to reach a clock speed of over 6.1 GHz which makes it not only the 4th fastest 4670K worldwide, but naturally the fastest B85 system in existence.

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