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Introducing premium sleeved Power Cable

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Posted July 23, 2013 by Kevin in Hardware

Mix and match lengths and connector arrays to achieve the perfect combination

be quiet!, the market leader of power supplies in Germany for seven consecutive years*, introduces its brand new premium sleeved power cables, with custom lengths and various connector options. By covering every single wire of the cable with a sleeve, be quiet! again offers a unique premium look inside the PC.
Power cables for every possible PC situation

Regular power supply cables are generally medium in length to fit most PC enclosures. However, to set up a very small Home Theater PC or a very large desktop PC most power supplies will be fitted with an unsuitable cable length. But even in the normal cable length some users often do not have the desired connectors on the cable. To solve this problem, be quiet! produces premium power cables with many different connector and length variations. Whether you want a compact 30 cm power cable with only one connector or need a meter-long cable with connectors for three SATA drives and a HDD connector, be quiet! now offers all these possibilities.
Looking perfect in every situation

Instead of just bundling all five wires together and putting them into a sleeve, be quiet! has decided to separate each and individually sleeve every wire. The result is a fantastic looking cable with a lot of flexibility compared to a stiff regular cable. Not only are be quiet! cables bundled with high quality mesh material, but also sleeved with black wires beneath the mesh, so the optical impression of the cable is perfect in all situations.

be quiet! Power Cables come in five alternative versions with numbers of SATA connectors available ranging from one to four. There is also a variant with a regular HDD connector at one end, which comes with an additional HHD-to-floppy adaptor. Every cable version is available in two lengths, with distances to the first connector varying between 300 and 600 millimeters. All cables are compatible with the latest be quiet! PSU series from Dark Power Pro P8, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8 and the upcoming Power Zone.

be quiet! offers a full three years of warranty and Power Cables are presently available for recommended selling prices of between six and ten euros.

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