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Archive for February 26th, 2021

Raijintek Ereboss

With the aim of designing high-end products for Lifestyle , Computer and Day-to-Day usage, RAIJINTEK was established in 2013 to accomplish the future of IT and Lifestyle products. This task and aim allows us to grow into a global brand. Not only do we provide highly recommended IT products but we also have Gaming Gear, like Chassis and PSUs, and Lifestyle products for Smartphones and all your tablet PCs. Fully dedicated to developing the best products for global users, RAIJINTEK’s R&D team never forgets the aim to provide a user-friendly and well-performing product. With decades of experience in the industry, RAIJINTEK management would also never jeopardize the high service- and product quality our customers deserve. Founded in 2013, Raijintek is a newcomer to the world of PC parts and peripherals. A unique look and exceptional price to performance products had them burst onto the scene with aplomb. Being new to the market makes Raijintek an interesting company to watch as their competitors, having been around for many years, are predictable while Raijintek still has the ability to surprise. Having targeted the entry to mid-level CPU-cooling market with their initial product launch, the Aidos, Themis, and Ereboss make up their first round of CPU coolers with additional products to follow. Raijintek, offering up solid products and the desire to expand, could soon become a force to be reckoned with in the PC-enthusiast market. Looking toward the future, I have high hop...

MSI Powers 3D Animation

MSI mobile workstations launched for few months already, now actively looking for partnership in M&E (Multimedia & Entertainment) industry. “MIDA” starts the page! MIDA*, is an animation, which created by Win-Land Multimedia* & Kent ADIP with mixed styles of 2D & 3D images. On 27 July, a 3D holographic projection live show will be held during Fancy Frontier Animation in Taipei. MSI Workstation provides product mobility and optimized 2K (2048 x 1536 pixels) images and contents during the show. It will be one of the few 3D holographic projection performed by virtual and cosplay singers. “ We spent years of investment in creating original digital content. This year, we expect MIDA and her virtual band- The Evolutionary Voice, can lead Taiwan animation artworks into one of the top animation countries. We believe with the help of MSI Workstation continuous compute power, we can shorten the time of success and bring amazing films to asian animation markets.” said Kent Chang, Director of Kent ADIP*. Behind the scenes, MSI workstation & Taiwan National Center of High-Speed Performance render farms delivered hardware and cloud computing infrastructure. For Taiwan, it’s the very first time to present a full-length animation feature combine with 2D, 3D, motion capture characters which requires rendering over tens of millions of polygons. “ In order to make this stand out from many other animation in Asian market, we introduced the world’s advanced mo...


Mushkin Ventura USB 3.0 64GB

Looking for a small flash drive that's speedy and affordable? The Mushkin Ventura 64GB sports a USB 3.0 interface to vastly improve performance, and this little drives pack a huge capacity onto a form factor that can fit onto your key ring. But what about performance? Around here, we think Performance is King, so just how fast is this flash drive from Mushkin? Let's find out.

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