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Introducing the COMFORTER mini and COMFORTER Air

Keep Your Legs and Laptop Cool in Any Position Chino, California – July 23rd, 2013 – Cooler Master, a designer, manufacturer, and innovator of leading PC components, today announced an extension to their popular COMFORTER series of laptop coolers – the COMFORTER mini & COMFORTER Air. Both the COMFORTER mini and Air are packed with features while being built to fit tablets and most laptops (9″ ~ 15.6). Keeps You and Your Laptop Cool Placing a laptop on your legs can be uncomfortable due to the heat, but the COMFORTER mini & COMFORTER Air keep your laptop and your legs cool while providing an ergonomic platform to enjoy your content. A sponge cushion is provided on both models to function as a comfortable padded surface for your legs. COMFORTER mini includes a concave shape that leaves space between the mini and your laptop for great airflow and to prevent overheating. Additionally, two rubber points keep your laptop gripped in place while a grooved storage section for cable management prevents a mess of cables from getting in your way. Use Your Laptop on Your Lap, On a Desk, or on Your Bed in Total Comfort Place it on your lap while on the couch. Turn it around and now you have a wrist rest for comfortable typing. Flip it and use your laptop or tablet while lying down. For an extra cooling boost, Comforter Air includes a silent, yet effective, cooling fan with that steadily provides fresh, cool air to your laptop. Whichever way you choose, the CO...

MSI GE40 Dragon Eyes

Best choice for performance and mobility As a gaming laptop only less than 1 inch and under 2kg, GE40 Dragon Eyes is the latest powerful and amazing laptops. It features with Intel’s 4th generation Quad Core processors and nVIDIA’s GTX760M discrete graphics in a compact 14 inch size. In addition, it supports MSI’s exclusive features such as Super RAID, Audio Boost, and Matrix Display. Super RAID design brings 1000MB/s fast storage access  MSI’s GE40featuresMSI’s own Super RAID technology with 2 SSD on RAID 0 combination. Super RAID with 2 SSD RAID0 gives you over 1000MB/s reading speed!! Matrix Display multi-display output MSI’s innovative design with up to 2 external display capability. Users can work on multi tasks at same time. Audio Boost for better headset sound detail Greatly enhance headphone performance!MSI Audio Boost design enhances sound output by 30%. Together with the gold flash audio jack, this technology also provides stable sound transmission and low noise/ distortion.. Sound Blaster enhanced wrap around sound Hear your enemies perfectly, even on an ear-drum shattering battlefield. Your most important sound effects are reproduced crystal clear allowing you to focus on your game even during extremely long sessions. The slimmest and lightweight 14″ notebook with exclusive Dragon Eyes and aluminum design Comparing to other 14″ notebook in the market, GE40 is the slimmest and lightweight one with high-end graphic card, and allows you to...

MSI launches new ultra-slim All-in-One PC

MSI Adora24 MSI, the leading international motherboard, graphics card and All-in-One (AIO) manufacturer has launched an all new, ultra-slim AIO series. The Adora24 is the first AIO PC in the world to use flickerfree display technology. The casing has a thickness of just 21mm at its thinnest point and the visual golden ratio achieved through the use of staggered lines make the Adora24 look even slimmer. The flowing lines down the sides enhance the feeling of crisp speed as well. The Adora24 is equipped with the Intel® 3rd Gen Mobile Core™ i3 / i5 multi-core processor and a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics card. In addition to the flicker-free display technology, the anti-glare display allows the user to use the computer for extended periods without experiencing eyestrain. Furthermore, the Adora24 comes with an SSD (optional) and Creative Sound Blaster™ Cinema speakers. The MSI Adora24 will become available in Europe by the first week of August. A new series, a new design The Adora All-in-One PC features a totally new design and chassis, built around the concept of ultra-slim and visual awe. A big portion of the I/O connections are neatly tucked away on the backside of the AIO, creating a neat desk when fully installed and connected to other devices. A beautiful frameless display works conveniently with 10-point touch control and Windows 8. The Adora24 is a fashionable addition to any office or study and can be mounted on a wall via the VESA wallmount t...


MSI GK-601 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We all know MSI produces some top of the line motherboards and GPUs on the market today. I personally own 2x MSI 660 TI Power Editions as well as an MSI Z77 M-Power motherboard. Today we will be looking at something new from MSI, the GK-601 Back-lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This is also something new to me since I've never used a mechanical keyboard before. This should prove to be a lot of fun. The MSI GK-601 aesthetically matches the MSI M-Power series Z77, the newly released Z87 motherboards and their Lightning series GPUs. With its yellow highlights and yellow back-lit keys you're sure to have a winning combo. The GK-601 offers 128KB on board memory so there is no worry about losing the macros you have created. With five profiles and ten possible macros per profile we get a grand total of 50 dedicated macro keys. Having a braided cord on a keyboard was also a new experience for me, but I can say after seeing this, it's pure genius in my book. The MSI GK-601 comes with dedicated multimedia keys for controlling all your media needs; plus it also comes with dedicated keys for switching between all five profiles. The keyboard I'm using now has been the best keyboard I've ever owned so it's going to be hard to beat it. Let's see if MSI is up to the challenge. Before we get into this review here is a video and a word about MSI!

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