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Samsung EX2F Camera Review

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Posted June 19, 2013 by Kevin in Other


A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer


Point-and-shoots are great for several occasions, but most fall short in low lighting. With larger sensors helping to combat this problem, a fast lens can also do wonders for low light photography. Samsung has updated its EXF series with an f/1.4 lens, making shooting in low light almost comparable to a budget range DSLR. We find the Samsung EX2F very unique in a sea of point-and-shoot cameras, aptly displayed by the addition of Wi-Fi compatibility for easy sharing over a wide gamut of devices. A modest 12.4 megapixels seems to marry the sensor/aperture, for a properly exposed image with minimum noise at low ISO. Finally, the intuitive menu system that anyone can master, coupled with a brilliant varied-angled AMOLED screen makes the EX2F a very alluring pocket sized camera

Full Review: http://technologyx.com/digital/samsung-ex2f-camera-review-an-astounding-low-light-advanced-point-and-shoot-for-any-photographer/

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