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Diamond Multimedia Announces Mini Rockers Mobile Portable Wireless BluetoothR Speaker

Diamond Multimedia’s MSPBT300B/MSPBT300S with Micro SD / TF Card & 3.5mm Audio Plug allow users enjoy quality sound anytime and anywhere. Los Angeles, Calif. –Diamond Multimedia has announced the release of their new addition to the Mini Rockers Speaker line, the mobile portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker, MSPBT300B and MSPBT300S. The compact powerful wireless speaker can be used as a Bluetooth® speakerphone, play MP3s from Micro SD card or AUX and can receive wireless streams from any Bluetooth® music device.  The Mini Rockers mobile portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker is available in black (MSPBT300B) or silver (MSPBT300S) is a pocket sized powerhouse that is perfect for MP3 players, smart phones, portable CD players, laptops, and desktop computers. Wirelessly stream and share music anytime and anywhere from an iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone®, Smartphone and any Bluetooth® device by using the built in Bluetooth® technology. The MSPBT300B/MSPBT300S can also be used as a standalone MP3 player. Simply save music on the Micro SD/TF memory card, insert it into the speaker and listen to the music on the go. The auxiliary input supports wired connection from media devices and tablets. . The MSPBT300B/MSPBT300S is also a hands free speakerphone and can also be used to answer calls while listening to music.  The compact Mini Rockers mobile portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker, MSPBT300B and MSPBT300S are convenient and easy to take anywhere. The 2.5W speaker deli...

iBUYPOWER Announces 2nd Generation Valkyrie

june 24, 2013 – City of Industry, CA – iBUYPOWER is proud to announce that its latest generation of the award winning Valkyrie gaming laptops have landed. Based on the latest 4th generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors from Intel – previously codenamed Haswell – the new Valkyries bring unprecedented processing power while delivering unrivaled battery endurance. In fact, the new Valkyries deliver, for the first time, sustainable gaming performance on battery power, without having to hunt constantly for a power outlet. “The new Valkyries are beautiful, powerful, and deliver the promise of lasting battery power for high-performance gaming notebooks,” said Darren Su, Co-Founder and Vice President of iBUYPOWER. “Battery life and performance are two critical focus areas for our customers, and the new generation of Valkries deliver on all fronts.” The new generation of Valkyrie is now available in a very mobile 15-inch configuration as well as the expansive 17-inch configuration. Get yours today by custom configuring a new iBUYPOWER Valkyrie – just the way you like it . iBUYPOWER is the official gaming PC of Major League Gaming. iBUYPOWER’s new 17-inch and 15-inch Valkyrie is available starting today. Visit us for more information: http://www.ibuypower.com/info/New-Valkyrie-Series.aspx

Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 1TB External SSD Review

  Last week we saw the first review of the Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 512GB External SSD, only to be followed by a wicked review of the lightning fast Angelbird SSD2GO External SSD this past weekend. Today, the external SSD saga continues. The Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 1TB Portable SSD that we are looking at today comes in as the largest portable SSD available for retail purchase with speeds up to 250MB/s…and it fits in your pocket. Full Review: http://thessdreview.com/our-reviews/monster-digital-overdrive-1tb-portable-ssd-review-unheard-of-capacity-in-a-portable-ssd/  

Lamptron Announces FC5V3 Fan Controller

Lamptron has just launched the new FC5V3 fan controller, which is not only a revision of the FC5V2 but it is a real step forward in the evolution of this kind of products. This fan controller is positioned to become the new datum point in the cooling domain. In fact, the Lamptron FC5V3 has 6 channels and can handle up to 30 W per channel. The new wide LCD display shows all the information (RPM, temperature and voltage) for every channel. Moreover, the display allows a new level of customization providing 16 different colors for the illumination of the LCD display. The FC5V3 integrates all the commands directly on the front of the fan controller for an enhanced and quicker access to all the functions. Moreover, the FC5V3 provides an initial 12 V in all the channels in order to make the fans work even if set at the minimum working voltage. The new Lamptron FC5V3 provide all these new features and much more. Here the list of the new amazing features of the Lamptron FC5V3: 6 channels 30 W per channel New wide LCD display 16 colors to personalize the display Start boost voltage Commands on the front 3 different alarm modes Sleeved cables Black PCB CNC milled aluminium face-plate The Lamptron FC5V3 will be available in some stores at the end of the current week and the MSRP is US $89 (VAT included).

Giada Introduces Simple”Do-It-Yourself” Barebones System – The D310

June 24th, 2013 Shenzhen, China – Giada Technology, a world famous manufacturer of compact desktop PCs, has announced the launch of a compact “Do-it-yourself” barebones-system: The D310. The D310 family is based on the 3rd generation of Intel Core processors. The D310 compact systems are simple Barebones Systems using the Intel® Celeron® Processor 1037U. The assembly only requires 2 screws; 1 screw to open the chassis and one to fix the hard drive, allowing maximum efficiency in building your dream machine. In addition, support for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which provides extensive security with high levels of data encryption, allows the use of D310-based systems in various applications in IT departments of large enterprises. The D310 system is also ideal for industrial control applications, smart traffic control systems, security and surveillance systems, commercial terminals and other similar applications which require small size, wide choice of interfaces, simplicity and reliability of use. Featuring an ultra-compact size – only 236mm x 182mm x 50mm, the Giada D310 offers unprecedented performance in its size group thanks to the modern system logic – the Intel HM77 Express – and compatibility with 3rd generation Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 chips with a TDP reaching only 35W. The Barebones Giada D310 is equipped with two SO-DIMM slots, which allows for the installation of up to 8GB of DDR3-1333/1600 RAM. The motherboard also features two Mini-PCIe slo...

Club 3D teams up with Compitum for distribution of Club 3D products in South Africa

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands—June, 2013 Club3D B.V., the European market leader and pioneer of a total solution for graphics cards based in Amsterdam the Netherlands, is happy to announce the start of cooperation with Compitum for distribution of Club 3D products in South Africa. Marcel van Steijn of Club 3D: We are very happy to partner up with Compitum. They are unique in the sense that Compitum is flexible, knowledgeable and dedicated to offer High Quality Components to the South African market. A lot of the values that are common practice for Compitum are also in our Mission Statement, Friendly, flexible, Focused, Fast. That convinced us that we will be able to build a long lasting and successful partnership. Christie Lombard of Compitum: We are very fortunate and excited to partner up with a very highly respected, well known and high quality brand and company like Club 3D. Compitum is very proud of the brands that we import and distribute. Our marketing is brand-based and specific, which means a much more personal approach to marketing and customer service is required. Club 3D supports these values and that convinced us that we can have a mutual, long lasting, proud and successful partnership. About Club 3D: Based in The Netherlands with sales offices in Germany and North America – it is the mission of Club 3D to provide the best solution to its partners and enthusiast market. Our friendly, flexible, focused, fast and fun approach helps build a long-lasting rela...


Enermax ETS-T40-BK Black Twister CPU Cooler

Enermax has been well known for a while now, but lately they seem to be gaining even more traction with their line of CPU coolers, power supplies, fans and cases. Enermax has a long history of producing great looking and great performing CPU coolers. They just released two new versions of their popular ETS-T40 CPU cooler, the Black Twister and the White Cluster. Enermax was kind enough to send us their ETS-T40-BK Black Twister CPU cooler to take a look at so let's get to it!

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