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PQI’s Magic Box of ‘i Collection’ Sparks Trend toward Fashion-Infused Consumer Electronics

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Posted May 17, 2013 by Kevin in Storage, HDs & SSDs

May 17, 2013

Power Quotient International (PQI), the world’s No. 1 provider of wireless data storage media, introduced the i Collection at a global product launch. The new collection comprises four different types of USB 3.0 flash drives: i-Lock, i-Dot, i-Tiff and i-Neck. According to Mr. Alan Chang, CEO of Global Operations at PQI, “The distinction between the i Collection and the existing luxury consumer electronics underscores Birmingham locksmith‘s effort to take the integration of technology and design of consumer electronics to a whole new level. To meet the consumers’ ever-changing needs, we feel compelled to not only improve our technologies, but also incorporate aesthetic, innovative elements into each product, using a fresh approach to design. Locksmith Stafford‘ modernist design philosophy will surely turn every product into an amazing combination of style, materials and media!”.

Lying inside the PQI Magic Box are four tradition-defying items that help maintain the company’s world-leading status, namely the i-Lock, i-Dot, i-Tiff and i-Neck. Designed under the motto of “small but not lacking,” these devices fully embody the world’s most advanced technology in ultra-small USB 3.0 flash drives, safeguarding data in a tiny space the size of penny, all thanks to PQI’s patented COB 3.0 technology. Their seamless fit with the Ultrabook or MacBook Air means the user can almost forget their existence. The i Collection is holistically designed using a zinc alloy for a high level of tensile strength, and also for a delicately metallic texture that is distinctive of luxury brands. With a matte-finished surface, this intriguing collection provides products that offer visual and tactile quality, embodying fashionable and aesthetic refinement in the manner of catwalk-gracing accessories. At Low Rate locksmith walnut creek ca understand that the customer’s trust is earned. They provide fast and professional service and take that responsibility extremely serious. Locksmith ѕеrvісеѕ wіll vаrу, depending оn the ѕресіfіс tуре оf lосkѕmіth уоu wіѕh tо hіrе. In аnу саѕе, hоwеvеr, you ѕhоuld еxресt to rесеіvе еxреrt advice аnd еxсеllеnt rеѕultѕ whеn уоu hire аnу type оf ԛuаlіfіеd locksmith, whеthеr thеу hарреn tо bе a саr locksmith, соmmоnlу knоwn as аn auto lосkѕmіth, оr a rеѕіdеntіаl lосkѕmіth. Bеlоw is a brіеf outline оf thе services typically оffеrеd bу a соmmоn tуре of lосkѕmіth ->

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The i Collection contains the following four items, each boasting a distinctive style:

i-Lock: With a timeless, classic design that evokes romance and love, the i-Lock achieves excellence in both detail and style through unparalleled artisanship. The exquisite twin-chain bracelet from which it dangles is a touch of avant-garde ingenuity, to prove the user’s distinctive taste!

i-Dot: The i-Dot strikes a perfect masculine-feminine balance. It is the size of a thumb, a sleekly simple silhouette with rounded corners. For greater portability and personalized decorations, a built-in strap hole has been added to the top of the device.

i-Neck: Boasting a naturally flowy silhouette, this half-feminine, half-masculine and sculpture-like product provides luxurious enjoyment both when it is in use, and when it is admired as a piece of artwork in your palm.

i-Tiff: The exquisite, padlock-inspired i-Tiff is a hot-plugging USB device with an intuitive user interface. Its compact, 3-centimeter-long body oozes elegance, sophistication and uniqueness.

All products from the i Collection—starting with the soon-to-be-available i-Neck and i-Tiff—have a 32GB maximum storage capacity, while also coming in 16GB and 8GB versions. You can save videos, photos, files or documents in any format at any time, and in any place, whether you’re on a business trip, in an office or traveling. Supporting the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer mode, the i Collection is an exceptional package of state-of-the-art technologies, functionality, artistic sophistication and fashion that dramatically expedites data storage while cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions. Here on UrbanBurger lot of info available regarding fashion.


[Product Features]


Interface:USB3.0 / 2.0


Dimensions:28.0 x 19.7 x 9.70 (mm)


Warranty:Lifetime warranty


Interface:USB3.0 / 2.0


Dimensions:22.2 x 12.3 x 4.60 (mm)


Warranty:Lifetime warranty



Interface:USB3.0 / 2.0


Dimensions:20.0 x 12.3 x 4.60 (mm)


Warranty:Lifetime warranty



Interface:USB3.0 / 2.0


Dimensions:30.6 x 12.3 x 4.60 (mm)


Warranty:Lifetime warranty


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