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PQI Connect Series The world’s smallest smart phone and tablet PC expandable storage device Easy access to data

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Posted May 27, 2013 by Kevin in Storage, HDs & SSDs

May 27th, 2013

The industry-leading PQI launched the world’s first wireless storage media today—the PQI Connect Series Mini Expandable Storage Devices—and once again shocked the market and further expanding the application of storage devices! Mr. Alan Chang, CEO of Global Operations at PQI, optimistically said: “In light of the demands of storage capacity expansion and data transmission of smart phones and tablet PCs, according to speculations by a well-known market research agency, the shipments of tablet PCs will surpass traditional desktop devices in 2013. The annual shipment of smart phones is over one billion. In terms of operating systems, the annual shipment of Android operating system devices will reach 861 million, and is estimated to reach 1.468 billion in 2017. Its steady and continuous annual growth reveals that it is potential market that cannot be ignored.


One device, two uses – No transmission cables required due to its micro USB and USB connectors.

Many smart phones and tablet PCs on the market are limited to their built-in storage capacity, and their storage capacities cannot be expanded and often face a shortage of data storage space. Therefore, such devices often require a transmission cable to access and download their data files, which is complicated and inconvenient. The PQI Connect Series differs from the average device on the market as it is a dual connector storage device that has both a micro USB and standard USB interface. It can be directly operated through the free app, “PQI Connect+”, developed by PQI developed for the Android operating system. All one has to do is simply ensure that the USB connector is directly connected to a smart phone or tablet PC, no further setup or searches are required. Files, photos, videos, and music can be easily saved in the PQI Connect, where they are automatically managed by category and can be synchronized and uploaded to Facebook. The simple operation steps allow you to instantly share data with the press of a single button!


In addition, the other USB connector can be directly connected to Notebook, PC, or any USB port and be operated like any USB flash drive. Music, videos, and entertainment files can be freely accessed according to one’s personal needs. Through micro USB connector, music videos and entertainment files previously stored on the device can be directly read and saved on smart phones or tablet PCs at a transmission speed 19 to 200 times faster than Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 standard transmission speed is 25Mbps, the maximum transmission bandwidth of USB 2.0 is 480Mbps, and the maximum transmission bandwidth of USB 3.0 is 5 Gbps). Multiple files can be copied at once, saving a lot of waiting time. It is definitely the top peripheral that is convenient, practical, and functional.


Smallest in the world – The size of a paperclip!

The PQI Connect Series uses exclusive COB patented technology to create the world’s smallest OTG (USB On the GO) expandable storage device that is “light, thin, short, and small”. It is the size of a paper clip and is convenient to carry, and is a mobile device that fulfills the demands of “light and thin”. It is a functional product that can serve as a decorative storage accessory. There a two styles to choose from. One is a 360° rotating and capless design that consists of metal material with a red rotating shaft. It allows flexible operation that is not limited by external space. The other is a capped design that is made from one piece of zinc alloy material that has excellent tensile strength and creates a luxurious metallic effect. The surface is matted, giving the devices a beautiful, smooth texture. It is available in two capacities, 16GB and 32GB, to fulfill different needs.


With the rise of mobile devices, consumers care more and more about the convenience and connectivity of their products. How to closely connect numerous mobile devices is the priority when developing new products. PQI knows this, and besides its continuous pursuit of innovative technology, it has set a priority to become a bridge of communication and transmission by always striving to bring you better products!



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