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Archive for February 27th, 2021

ECS Intel® 8-Series Chipset Motherboards Officially Debuts

    _______ECS introduces the first Intel 8-Series Motherboards featuring the new 4th Generation Intel Core processor family for their new family of desktop motherboards Pro, Deluxe and Essentials. The new ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) family of motherboards featuring the new Intel 8-series Chipset family with new designed specifically for the new 4th Generation Intel Core processor family of CPUs, which will be available and shipping worldwide in Q2 2013. The new chipset features support for full SATA III 6 Gb/s internal ports and PCI-Express Gen.3 x16 bus design. They also integrate USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, and enable responsiveness technologies like Intel Smart Response, Intel Smart Connect, and Intel Rapid Start. ECS is also introducing a new family of motherboard tiers including: Pro series optimized for power computing, Deluxe series optimized for small office and home, and Essentials series optimized for home and multi-media. The new ECS family of motherboards will feature ECS’s new Durathon durability technology which includes a triple density PCB, extreme temperature resistance, 1.5K point marathon testing, and superior solid capacitors designed to greatly improve motherboard quality, stability and longevity. Additional features includes ECS’s exclusive Hyper Alloy Choke technology, Sound Blaster Cinema Technology, 4-way video output (DVI, HDMI, Display Port and D-Sub VGA), EZ quick charger, Motherboard Intelligent Bios III, 4K video output,...

ASUS Introduces a New Gold Color Theme for Upcoming Z87 Motherboards

— Fresh design reflects ASUS’ commitment to the highest standards in quality, performance, reliability, and innovation — Fremont, CA (May 15th, 2013) – ASUS announces a new design theme for its lineup of mainstream motherboards based on the upcoming Intel® Z87 chipset. Replacing the previous blue-accented color scheme, a distinctive gold application on custom-designed heatsinks serves to highlight the ASUS philosophy of industry leading motherboard design and continuous innovation. “ASUS-branded motherboards keep evolving and always offer the gold standard in quality, performance, and durability. The new gold color scheme symbolizes this and our insistence on delivering the highest level of innovation and reliability. ASUS motherboards are fully-featured and provide an attractive visual style for a great system building experience”, said Jackie Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales, ASUS Open Platform Business Group. Elegant color choice makes component matching easier For nearly a quarter of a century, ASUS has been leading in motherboard design and development while maintaining close ties to the global PC DIY community. Accommodating the needs of system builders the elegant gold color palette works in synergy with black color schemes available in most PC cases. Multi-faceted and multi-tiered, the new gold imbued heatsinks have bigger surface areas for better heat dissipation and improved cooling. As such, ASUS Z87 m...

ASUS Displays a Full Range of Z87 Motherboards

— ASUS, ROG, TUF, and WS boards based on the Intel® Z87 chipset cater to a wide range of needs, from everyday computing and digital content creation to extreme gaming — Fremont, CA (May 15th, 2013) – ASUS announces a full lineup of motherboards featuring Intel’s® latest Z87 chipset for 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. An industry leading collection of motherboards from the ASUS (mainstream), Republic of Gamers (ROG), The Ultimate Force (TUF), and WS (workstation) series offer the best user experience, performance, reliability and upgrade options on the Intel® Z87 platform. “ASUS possesses the best research and development expertise, and as always we are confident that we offer our customers the finest quality with these new motherboards. We’re including a variety of media-praised exclusive features with each model, and are proud to announce that we have the most comprehensive Z87 motherboard launch lineup, all available simultaneously”, commented Jackie Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales, ASUS Open Platform Business Group. Completely redesigned ASUS Series motherboards ASUS-branded motherboards introduce a new premium color scheme while delivering the highest standards of innovation, performance, and reliability. Multiple offerings include a wide range of customer segments, led by the high-end Z87-DELUXE, which delivers a wide variety of advanced features and connectivity options. The Z87-A targets ma...


Digital Treasures – Props Power Case for New iPad/iPad2

With the rising number of portable device users, it was only of matter of time that more mobile accessories start to flood the market. When it comes to protecting your portable device there are many options available. Some are made from basic plastic and some are of higher quality. In most cases, when it comes to these accessories the term "You get what you pay for" comes to mind. Today we are going to look at something that is no exception to that rule. If you are an Apple iPad user you obviously already know that the device can be easily damaged if not well protected. Today, we are going to take a look at an iPad case by Digital Treasures called the Props Power Case for the iPad 2/3/4. It not only looks great, but also has features that will come in handy for those who are always on the road. Before we dive in, let's read a little about Digital Treasures.

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