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Archive for February 27th, 2021

Enermax – A New, Advanced Edtion of the NAXN Power Supply

Enermax’s line of PSUs feature products for every available niche. The NAXN series has been distringuished as solid, quiet and reliable power supply units for system builders and DIYers. Like the original NAXN, the NAXN ADV features all of the requirements of modern PSU including being 82PLUS ready since it is able to run at 82-88% efficiency with a 20-100% load and is therefore compliant with the 80PLUS BRONZE efficiency requirements. It is also desgined for constant use and is ready for 24/7 daily operation. This is important for critical non-stop industrial class performance at an ambient temperature of 40°C/104°F. And like the original NAXN the ADV edition is also world ready being able to handle 100-240VAC input with automatic adjustments as needed and with Active PFC for global usage. What the NAXN ADV edition brings to the table are features and refinements that help it become a leader in the competitive PSU market, such as: 100% Flexible Flat Cable Design ? This makes system building and installation easy and reduces cable clutter. It also enhances the internal airflow and cooling performance of the system overall. Japanese Main Electrolytic Capacitors ? Widely known to be the highest standard for capacitor components, these will insure maximum durability and stability for the system. Durable Two Ball Bearing Fan ? For extra durability, the two ball bearing fan allows for advanced fan speed control for optimal cooling and minimum noise. It also has a longer...


Primochill – 240mm CTR Reservoir

Personal computers have taken a big leap since the Pentium 4’s era. We no longer have beige enclosures, mismatched colored motherboards, bare-galvanized PSUs without sleeved cables...etc. Today’s computer modders and builders not only want performance and reliability but also aesthetics. Strategically selected components and color schemes are important for the build. From the enclosures down to the wires, everything has to be cosmetic. Some even spend countless hours sleeving every single wire in the system. Computer components have been gradually becoming more efficient and cooler running. In fact,air coolers have improved in design so much they’re getting almost as efficient AIO water coolers, yet they cost much less. However, on the other hand, DIY water cooling is undergoing a renaissance. Colorful boutique designs are back in fashion. To meet the demand, Primochill released its new Compression Tube Reservoir lineup and the Intensifier Liquid Dyes. Primochill has built a reputation by making solid Primoflex LRT tubing. Their the new product lines have grown, adding to Primochill’s portfolio. This brings us today’s article. Today on the test-bench we have the Primochill 240mm CTR reservoir, sporting various fluorescent colors and UV actives. It makes a perfect option for modders and water cooling enthusiasts who also want to dress up their system.

Diamond Multimedia Launches PlugnView, a Remote Home Monitoring Camera Kit For Smartphones And Tablets

  Los Angeles, Calif. – May 9, 2013 — Diamond Multimedia today announced the PlugnView, a camera kit that allows for remote monitoring of the home or office through a live, full-color stream sent directly to a mobile device. Additionally, the PC software allows for setting recording schedules and email alerts with trigger motion detection keeping the family safe and alert while away. Featuring night vision technology and sharable via iOS and Android platforms, the PlugnView offers a real-time monitoring solution for family security, pet safety and elderly assistance. The Diamond Multimedia PlugnView home monitoring solution is the first of its kind using HomePlug AV-compliant power line communications (PLC) technology. The advanced plug-and-play technology automatically configures and connects the PlugnView Camera to the Diamond PlugnView app with the scanning of a QR code at the bottom of the camera. After the initial setup, users can view the area selected for instant monitoring from a mobile device or tablet, using 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connections. The PlugnView includes IR night vision up to 16 feet, and an easy two-step installation. While the PC software offers additional features, a PC is not required for installation and wall and ceiling mount accessories are included. How it Works Setting up the PlugnView is as simple as downloading an app. First, plug in the PlugnView camera into a wall outlet and connect the adapter (included with camera package) to a r...

NZXT Launches Its Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller

NZXT rolled out Sentry Mix 2, the second generation of its audio mixing equipment-inspired fan controller. The Sentry Mix 2 features six fan channels, controlled by six independent analog sliders. NZXT made the sliders broader, and gave each an LED-backlit label. There are five color options for these LEDs that can be chosen from. The sliders aren’t just rheostats, they also support PWM. The controller features six 4-pin outputs, for fans that support PWM control methods. The controller can supply each fan with up to 30W of power, drawing a maximum of 180W. The Sentry Mix 2 fits into a standard 5.25-inch drive bay, drawing power from up to two 4-pin Molex connectors. Available in just the black color option for now, the Sentry Mix 2 features a matte-black bezel with glossy-black sliders. NZXT didn’t reveal pricing or availability.

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