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Nexus introduces the 140MM Real Silent Case Fan

Nexus introduced the 140mm Real Silent Case Fan. The Nexus 140mm Real Silent Case Fan is the ultimate solution to bring some extra airflow in your quiet computer. Don’t you just hate it when you have build a nice and quiet computer and it turns out that your high-end components are producing so much heat the temperatures in your computer case are getting too high? The Nexus Real Silent case fan is the solution for you. It provides the extra airflow your PC may require without being noticeable noise wise. Specifications: Model number: D14SL Connector & cable: Sleeved cable with 3-pin connector Adapter (included): 3pin (fan) to 4pin (Molex) Dimensions: 140x140x25mm Versions: Black frame with white blades, OEM Fan screws (included): 4 pieces fan screws Weight: 123 grams Voltage: 12 Volts Voltage Range: 8.0 ~13.8 Volts Working Current: 0.08 Amp Max Rotation Speed: 1000 RPM (+/-10%) Acoustic Noise: 19 dB(A) Airflow: 46.87 CFM Starting voltage: 8 Volts Operation Temperature: -10 to +55 C Warranty: 3 Years

Cooler Master: Notepal ERGOSTAND II

NotePal ErgoStand II Chino, California – May 7th, 2013 – Cooler Master Mobile – designer and creator of expertly and elegantly crafted aluminum stands and accessories for mobile products – today unveils the ErgoStand II – successor to the well-reviewed ErgoStand. Focused on Comfort ErgoStand II focuses on being a fully-featured ergonomic hub for laptops. It is a high quality ergonomic stand that helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue while using laptops for extended periods of time. This is accomplished by five different integrated height settings that offer customizable viewing and typing angles. Utilizing these comfort focused options helps reduce the instance of injuries from prolonged periods of laptop use. To ensure that the laptop doesn’t shift during use, foldable and movable tabs are placed at the base of the cooling surface to hold your laptop in place. This comfort is all accented by a calming blue LED strip at its base to help project a soothing ambiance during intensive work or play. Excellent Cooling & Easy Maintenance A whisper quiet 140mm fan significantly cools the underside of a laptop. This airflow is directed by a specially engineered perforated cooling surface that assists in maximizing heat dissipation. Customize the fan speed with the included fan speed dial and determine what noise / airflow level works best for each situation. A common problem with using a laptop cooler over time is dust build-up. ErgoStand II includes an easily rem...

Cooler Master Announces V Series Power Supplies in North America

Chino, California – May 7th, 2013 – Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today announced the entrance of the top performing V Series Power Supply (PSU) line to North American markets. Developed to be the highest quality, Cooler Master carefully sourced every aspect of the V Series PSU line to produce a high-efficiency and stable power supply. This operational stability includes being highly efficient even at low loads – far exceeding the parameters of the breadth of operational efficiency exhibited by a typical 80 Plus Gold PSU. A single, powerful rail platform channels the full power of V Series PSUs with outstanding voltage stability, ripple suppression and efficiency. These higher quality components include the highest grade Japanese electrolyte and solid capacitors, a custom PCB interface, and high quality 42mm transformers. All of which are among a few of the integral parts that make the V Series a great power supply. An oft overlooked feature, V Series PSUs include a premium 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan. This bearing type offers superior performance at lower noises while lasting far longer than the typical PSU fan. The real-world result is that V-series PSUs are extremely quiet, even under full load while still keeping cool. When considering ease of use and ability to manage cables, fully modular flat ribbon cables are among the best. These give users the ability to compress and arrange their ...

NZXT Announces H630 Ultra-Tower Chassis

The newest premium chassis from NZXT is now ready to see the light of day! After the futuristic variants of the Phantom series and feature-rich Switch and Source lines, NZXT is introducing the H630, which combines the incredible functionality found in other NZXT cases with silence. It offers loads of space for motherboards of up to XL-ATX size, multiple radiator support and up to two 200 mm fans in the front. To guarantee a silent computing experience, the NZXT H630 also features generous use of sound dampening materials. This optimization along with the overall, understated design result in the professional look of the H630. The NZXT H630 is available in two color choices – black or white. The clean straight lines with soft corners along with its excellent construction quality, gives the chassis its modern look & feel. This does not only hold true for the exterior but continues within the enclosure as well. Equipped with three separate hard drive bays, the H630 is incredibly flexible how many drives one may install, while offering the most space possible. The advantage of such a flexibility lies in the ability to offer the best possible air flow and plenty of space for radiators. The impressive number of spaces for such cooling units includes 360 mm mountings in the top and the front, while you are also able to place a third unit of 280 mm size in the floor of the chassis. The NZXT H630 is alternatively also able to take two 200 mm cooling fans in the front of t...

Mach Xtreme Technology Adds 256GB Model To Its FX USB 3.0 Pendrive Series

Taipei, Taiwan-May 7, 2013- Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, adds 256GB model to expanding FXTM USB3.0 flash drives series today. This addition will join existing 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models.  With its advanced reliability and spacious capacity, the FX 256GB USB Flash Drive gives user easy and fast way to transfer and back-up large files. MX-FX models are compliant with next-generation USB 3.0 specifications and are optimized for newer PCs with USB 3.0 ports. The extensive compatibility testing ensures complete compatibility with ASUS mainboards and notebooks, offering consumers full USB 3.0 usability. MX-FX 256GB is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 for efficient data transfer rates. The MX-FX 256GB flash drive delivers best-in-class read and write speeds clocking in at up to 300MB/s read and 185MB/s write along with its ultra compact size (78 x 27 x 9.3mm). Mach Xtreme FX flash drives come also in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB flavors. 256GB FXTM Series USB 3.0 Flash Drive at A Glance: USB 3.0 Interface Max. Read Performance up to 300MB/s Max. Write Performance up to 185MB/s Power Consumption: Idle 1.0W / Active up to 4.0W Shock and vibrations resistant Compact and easy to carry: 78mm x 27mm x 9.3mm Lightweight: 25g Certification: ROHS, CE, FCC Capacity: 256GB (MXUB3MFX-256G) Warranty: 3-Years

Deepcool Announces MULTI CORE X8 Notebook Cooler

Deepcool, the leading manufacturer of desktop CPU coolers, Notebook coolers, VGA coolers and DC case fans, has announced the third member of the MULTICORE notebook cooler family—MULTICORE X8. Sporting a large, high quality aluminum panel and 4 x10cm fans, this notebook cooler is able to cool down your notebook for better performance and safety. High Cooling Performance The contact area has been specially designed with 4 separate aluminum ‘zones’ allowing the four fans to blow into four different regions under the notebook. This innovative design makes full use of the dissipation area, and also covers the various hot-spots of your notebook. Also included is a fan control knob allowing fan combinations to be turned on or off: all fans on, 2 upper fans on, 2 lower fans on, all fans off, which offers a balance between cooling performance and noise level. Ergonomic Design for Health and Convenience With two foldable supporting feet, the MULTICORE X8 is able to provide the user with 2 viewing angles to help ensure a healthy viewing position whether typing an email or watching a YouTube video. In addition, there are 2 included USB ports for expanding the notebook’s usable connectivity. For more information, please check the website: http://www.deepcoolglobal.com and you can always follow Deepcool on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/deepcoolglobal for latest news and win prizes. About Deepcool Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance &...

GELID Single Sleeved 6Pin, 8Pin, & 24Pin PSU Cable Adaptor Unveiled

Power Supply Cable Adaptor with UV-reactive high-end Sleeve in Black, White, Red & Blue Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions adds Cable as a new product category to its GAMER product line. To start power supply cable adaptor such as 6pin (PCI-E), 8pin (EPS) and 24pin (EPS) with precisely prepared high-end UV reactive single sleeve in black, white, red and blue will be offered for the enthusiast. All cables have a AWG 18 size and a length of 30cm. “When quality and color can add value to your system, you will start to appreciate them,” said VC Tran Marketing Director of GELID Solutions Ltd. MSRP 6 Pin Single Sleeve (black, white, red and blue) USD 6 / EUR 3.70 8 Pin Single Sleeve (black, white, red and blue) USD 8 / EUR 5.99 24 Pin Single Sleeve (black, white, red and blue) USD 10 / EUR 7.40 All products are RoHS and WEEE conform. If you are interested in reviewing these products please send your request by using our online form www.gelidsolutions.com/contact-us/. For further product information please visit www.gelidsolutions.com About GELID Solutions Ltd GELID Solutions Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company with Swiss Management. GELID Solutions designs and manufactures thermal solutions, CPU coolers, fans, and other computer hardware for gamers and silent enthusiasts. www.gelidsolutions.com


Genius GX Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 Gaming Headset

For gamers having great visuals and performance in a game is something you always strive toward, so a high-end video card is of paramount importance. Of course, the audio experience should not be over-looked, because it also plays a significant part of the total gaming experience. With recent technological advances we are now capable of hearing sounds on a multidimensional sound stage that includes center, front left/right and rear left/right. When we listen to any type of audio in a two-channel mode especially when gaming, we can sometimes lose a certain depth of field for what surrounds us. Capturing that is the crux and objective of every audio experience, whether its high end speakers on your stereo system, or a high performance gaming headset. A gaming headset is precisely what we get to look at on the test bench today. We are very excited for our new arrival, the Genius GX Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 channel gaming headset. The Cavimanus headset brings many exciting features to pro gamers along with 7.1 Channel audio. The headset comes with a vibration function that adds to the heavy base and is designed to rock your world. The volume control and microphone is conveniently positioned on the left ear cup, and you can fold the microphone away during games that don’t require a mic. The vibration feature can also be cancelled with the push of a button. Read on as we put it through its paces to see if the Genius Cavimanus 7.1 gaming headset can become a weapon in you...

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